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Just Disappeared!My table of contents has gone AWOL since just before the lockdown.I haven't changed a thing but something has changed.I use Elementor and for some obscure reason my last couple of posts do not have a "Table of Contents".Has anyone else had this problem and if so how have you resoolved it please?TIA
March 17, 2020
I think I am overdoing it.My last post - a "best of" type covers 12 products and runs to 6,600 words.It takes me forever to do and I am wondering if it is worth going to that length.I don't know how to reduce it without detracting from the info it contains.I think my next 10 posts will be short and sharp (less than 1500 words if possible) just to give me some relief from these lengthy posts.Anyone know if 6,600 is too long (it is easy reading though with bullet points and lots of images)Lawren
February 20, 2020
This could be long or it could be short.I have been strugling to get going on Pintrest - following Jay's training this month.The situation is I had an account which was very inactive.I thought I opened a business account - and did but can't seem to do anythig with it.I have now delelted all the accounts in an effort to start from scratch but when I go to Pintrest I am met with "Welcome back Lawrence"Please could someone point me where to get this stuff right?And yes I am aware of Jay's training
February 18, 2020
I found what I thought was a good low-hanging keyword.Wrote a shortish post and published it.Less than 3 hours later I am in position #1 on page 1 of Google. I think the training works - let's hope any readers enjoy my post enough to click through to checkout.Now for the next oneEDIT: Checked on Jaaxy and it is number one across all three platforms - Bing, Yahoo and Google.Long may it last
February 15, 2020
Ranked and Sales Within MinutesI've never had the opportunity to put any success posts up but what just happened to me is freakish.First of all the time right now, here in New Zealand is 11.25 pm.At about 10.45 pm (guessing as I didn't actually make a note of the time) I notified google and Bing of my latest post and requested indexing.At 11.14 I called it a day and as the last item for the night I checked my Amazon stats.I have 4 sales off the new page! Now wide awake I checked with Jaaxy and
And in this particular instance "we" is all website builders, that's you, me, all WAers and a big chunk of the rest of the world.The "Google It" CryWe've all heard it and all said it - "Google it!", because Googles supposedly knows everything and buried in the archives somewhere is the correct answer or answers to whatever you are looking for.But is it the right answer?Well I am here to tell you it isn't (always) and maybe even seldom is, but don't blame Google. They're working on; it all the t
Quick and fun poll.What is the maximum number of visitors you've seen on your site in Google Anlytics in "Real Time"?Oh I long for the days I can log on and consisitently see a lot of visitors on there.I think my record is 4 ... pretty bleak I know (but I am working on it!)So what is your highest number in "Real Time"?
Yes, yes - I know I am old and past my "best by" date but it is true - I have been approached and propsitioned and ...I Need Your Advice I have no idea how but someone found me hiding deep within the Internet and has approached me with the following proposition:"I was doing a bit of research around (subject of one of my articles) and came across your article here and noticed that you've shared some great insight and resources on (subject and my niche) to start their business and career in (subj
There has been much talk (again) recently about site comments.I Took A Short Cut - using real money!This time instead of spending hours earning credits by reading posts and posting comments I took a shortcut and purchased 20 credits to buy 10 comments.I put my first couple of requests out there and went to sleep on it.Was it A Nightmare or a Happy Dream?Well it was a bit of both.I got 9 comments in all of which the first 4 were horrendous! Seriously bad grammar and absolutely no benefit to my
October 08, 2019
Great Product ...I found a great product that has some weird and unexpected numbers in Jaaxy.The actual product name has very few searches - surprising as it is a fantastic product that fits very nicely into my niche, the sort of product everyone in this niche should invest in.It is sold in over 90 countries and has two distinct markets - each as popular and essential as each other.The product is available through (only - not UK). There are zero client reviews on Amazon - again this