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How do you pitch a guest post?

How do you pitch a guest post?

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Hey! Does anyone have any tips for pitching a guest post? How do you make yourself stand out in a positive way when approaching a site for the first time?

This might be helpful to you

Check this out! https://www.locationrebel.com/guest-posting/

This article is perfect. Thank you so much, Michael!

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What will happen if net neutrality is repealed?

What will happen if net neutrality is repealed?

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Are you all familiar with the issue of net neutrality? An important vote on it is coming up on December 14th in the US.

As I understand it (and I am still in the proces

I think you are looking at this the wrong way....I think net neutrality will affect large companies for sure! ISP will be targeting them way before they focus on individual entrepreneurs. If anything this gives us a head start on a way to adapt and work around the obstacles that may be placed ahead of us. Honestly, to possess the skill and have the drive to succeed as an affiliate marketer should only confirm this neutrality will not stop you. It may present a few challenges in the distant future, but Its just another hurdle you will overcome! YOU got this!

I think we small website owners are going to be screwed if we can’t pay Comcast enough money to get our website in the fast lane... in reality it will likely be the same speed it is now just slows down anyone not willing or able to pay extortion prices. Conmast is. Already saying after lobbying to kill net neutrality that is plans to charge websites for fast lane access with blocking likely to come. Get ready to pay for internet access like you pay for premium sports or movie cable packages. https://www.facebook.com/TheYoungTurks/videos/1497318143716075/

I believe Net Neutrality was not enacted until 2015 so this would be a regulation rollback reducing government intervention in this area.

Free market competition can be good or bad but since this is a rollback of a recent regulation I would think the impact would be minimal but who knows.

Great question. Jay

Yeah, well there was a time when there was a difference, but today governments have basically bailed. They are helping corporations and essentially have abrogated any responsibility for its citizens.

Without jumping into politics, I will agree that corporate welfare, etc... has and continues to occur but I also don't think the solution is a regulation that can shift with the wind. Jay

Too bad that our governments are selling us to corporations that will feed their individual pocket.

This is more manipulative Trumpery for pro business commercial interests. Lets hope saner heads prevail!

Let's hope. I just hope that people are aware of what's going on.

I'm concerned about it. It's insane. Cable companies are the last people in the world who should be getting any help from anyone. But I'm speaking as a Canadian. I'm not sure how the American legislation is going to affect us, but as we're always butt-to-butt with the US, I can't imagine it won't affect us. It's another giveaway, another victory for the corporations that want to run the world. With the technology available today, such as Netflix, etc., why do we need cable at all?

The more and more that I think about it, the more that is seems like it won't help the average American citizen at all.

Good points, but let us remind our American friends that the government should not be stripped off with its regulatory power. The government is just acting on our behalf, if others think the government is crossing the line, then instead of totally removing its regulatory power, maybe just minimize.

Yes, minimization would be more ideal.

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