Enjoying the process: Week 10 update

Last Update: October 10, 2017

This past week, I was able to reach my small goals of writing an article and organizing my site. I also created a video for one of my posts which was so much fun (and I think that it will be worth it to help get attention on my second site- we'll see).

The past few weeks, I have been worrying a little bit about SEO and how it works. I have been focusing on learning what I can about it and applying it to my posts, but I tend to take things a little too far and it takes something away from my writing. In the future, I plan to apply what I have learned about SEO to my writing but to not take things too seriously because I end up writing more and more like a robot :P

This week, I plan to write at least 2 more articles for my second site. I also plan to learn more about facebook by watching Jay's training and next week I will return to working on my main site and progressing more and more through the core training.

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PatrickM1 Premium
Hi Ayana - SEO is a tough one. Once you think you've got it you don't. Looks like you are headed in the right direction. All the best.
Jaunesk Premium
Keep it up. Well done.
MKearns Premium
You're on the right track Ayana. You can't write or study enough about SEO!
asmithxu Premium
So true!