Choosing my direction: Week 9 Blog

Last Update: October 02, 2017

This week I was able to accomplish my goal of writing 2 articles of 1000 words and tracking the time. The first article took me 2.5 hours but the 2nd one took 6. I don't really mind that it took so long- there was a hump that I needed to get over with that one.

I created a 2nd site. My first site is an authority site while the 2nd one is more of a micro niche site. There is something very specific that I have been trying to do with my authority site, but I keep getting the feeling that I am missing the mark with that one. Creating the micro niche site gave me some insight though (plus it is much easier to plan).

My authority site is starting to get more and more articles, but they are disorganized. Before I can start really promoting the site more, I want to make it into a nice package that is easy to navigate. One task for this next week will be to find training about making a website easier to navigate.

Another thing is that I really enjoy blogging about my experience with this program, but I am not sure how much I want to SEO those posts. They really are more for entertainment than anything else. Perhaps I should just write them and do SEO for them later? Good idea or bad idea?

My goal this week is to write at least one article, learn about improving site navigation and revise plans for my authority site.

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Loes Premium
Fun or no fun site, SEO should be always a part of it, you also want visitors to your fun site, so, bad idea.

I had a blog site, a few years ago, didn't have any clue about Google webmaster tools or Google Analytic, sitemaps etc. and surprise, surprise, I had 1 regular visitor, ME