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Hello all!

I have been so busy that I haven't been here very often much anymore.. So forgive me for not posting as often..

I just wanted to share with you the journey of one step, because we all get to make that choice,yes?

Well almost to this date a year ago, I got so out of my own comfort zone and decided that YES indeed I can. So I signed up for WA.. and have never looked back!

Know why?

Because I discovered a huge secret to living life. .. wanna know what it is?

That just taking one new step completely opens a new path to the red changes our path, our trajectory.

And I am living proof!

As we all are here at WA.

WE have been willing to get out of our too comfortable comfort zone..and stretch to the joy of possiblity.. for if we stay in comfort.. guess what? We are dead.. we are not learning.. we are not growing.. we are not really living..

Now I know that breaking past my comfort zone was the best gift I could give to me. Are you willing to give it to you too?

This past year has been a miracle of understanding possibility. And then living it.

In this past year. I got to meet so many of this amazing community and become friends. I talk to people all over the world on a daily basis.

I am so excited to get up each morning and see what is going to unfold.. this day of a glorious present.. it always comes with its own bow too!

So the year began with my being able to walk again.. I talk about it a lot. .but it was the start to getting me seeing that I could indeed be the queen of possibility.. and it worked.. when I believed I could walk again.. it meant.. there was nothing I could not do..

Here is what my year has looked like... whew.. it makes me cry in total gratitude.. and with goosebumps.

I have felt love in ways that I did not think possible. From people all over the world, thank you!

I have found connections that will stay with me my entire life.

And guess what else? I found me.

I found the ability to stand strong in my own power.

I actually got out of my own way!

I allowed myself to see that I had to take a really hard look and learn how to invest in me.

I have a mentor, Bo Tipton that is our Yoda.. he brings out the best in all.. I am so grateful to him for seeing me with possibility. And as part of his mastermind group we are all experiencing what being on the NOW plan means.. and we do it.

Not tomorrow!

We take actionable steps this moment.. and WOW does that change one's path!

So being on the now plan.. this is how these last months have gone.. ready?

THIS IS MY LIFE NOW! I want you to come along with me... ready?

I am now making money each month with my own online network marketing business. I get a commission cheque each week. Yup each week!

I am also making money doing free lance writing.

I am a published author.. whoa.. whaaat? Who said that???

I have three books on Amazon.

I have three websites. (i like the number 3, mind body and spirit , yes? )

I have accountability buddies that I check in with daily and weekly. Because did you know that insures 95% success? Something about accountability, LOL.

I work my schedule that keeps me focused and growing.

And I am living all of this because, I just took that very first step.

My bestie just called me the Warrior Queen. At first since I am so hippie, I was like nope can't use that language.. but then it hit me.. OH YES I CAN!

I am my own spiritual Warrior Queen. I am the one who is determined to light my own path, so that others will have the courage to light their own. I want everyone to be their own warrior for peace and inner courage.

So are you ready to take that step? And join me?

Far beyond the realm of potential and into the realm of fantastic?

I know you can. I just hope you will. Because living this way, well.. it's truly lighting my uncharted, the road less travelled, path.

I took charge of life with the guidance I was given. I am here to open that door for you too.

Just take that step. You deserve that gift.

Be the courageous warrior you know you are. Cuz I can certainly see your light.

Light the Path WAers..this is your time! And the magic happens when we step into ourselves...we become our own magic wand!

So tell me, what is your next first step for you today???

In peace and gratitude,

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That was beautiful an inspirational.

Really? So many thanks.. how is your world going?

Thank you for the inspiration.


you are so welcome..thanks for being here!

Just by being you, just being Ariel, you inspire us all! THX Ariel!

Aww Wayne thank you so much.. and i am grateful for you and that we get to share this new journey together. .how are you?

Your post was beyond inspiration to me. The successes you have had and all while finding yourself and finding love, it is the most heart warming thing I have read of late.

I surely can understand how you are a published author as you have an incredible writing style and a wonderful way of expressing yourself.

Thank you for blessing our day with this.


Wow you are way too kind. Thank you!
One thing about WA, we all get to be each other's blessings, yes ?
Many thanks for being here.

missed you.

aww and me you thank you.. how is your world?

you are very inspirational. Thanks for this great info.

you are welcome.. i want to hear how you are flying too!

Hi Ariel, so very, very happy to hear your wonderful, wise words once again. You have been sorely missed. I am hoping you are well, and in good health. Thank you so much for dropping by, you've made my day.

Oh Jenny, you made my day.. so many thanks. HOw are you? I am getting stronger and better and loving life each day tnanks.. I want to hear about you too please.

So glad you are feeling better and have lost none of your infectious positivity. I am well. I had shoulder surgery 3 weeks ago, slowed me down a little, but will be back to full throttle in about 6 more weeks. My WA work is slow and steady as usual, but am seeing some positive results, so am pretty happy. Take care.

Yeah!!! Well done Ariel. I honestly missed your teachings. You are amazing!!

aww thank you ! How is your world going?

Thanks for asking Ariel. You always think of others. I am still plowing through boitcamp. I am 55 posts in and still not finished. I promised myself i would climb that mountain!! Wish me luck.

It sounds to me like you are already an excellent mountain climber! Keep it going! I so see you at the pinnacle.

You bet! The view from the top will be wonderful. Thanks for the boost.

Very motivating post, thank you! Love the eye signature.

Hey Linda, How b u? Thank you!

Little tired, just got off work, but I'm good. How are you doing?

You are an inspiration to us all Ariel and I am so pleased to be on this journey with you.
With Grace and Gratitude

Oh Karen, and me with you! thanks so much!

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