Finding Your Drive and Passion While Staying Motivated

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Do you ever feel like you're always juggling deadlines and responsibilities? At times it is an endless to-do list.

As a result for many, procrastination tends to rear its ugly head.

The longer we allow this to happen our motivation can end up on that slippery dip sliding downward.

We've all been there, some more than others.

But here's the thing - I've learned that motivation isn't a burst of energy. It's a skill, a mindset, (and a positive one at that) if done right that nurtures over time.

It doesn't happen overnight, in the same way, your online business needs time to build and grow.

I've weathered my fair share of storms and self-doubt. I know there will always be some challenges waiting for me.

The thing is, I have no intention to give up because of any roadblocks.

It doesn't matter if there are more waiting for me and neither should you.

An important aspect to note:

Any roadblocks you face are only challenges waiting for you to overcome and move forward.

This is where drive, passion, and by having a positive mindset will set you apart from others.

YOU, are the one who will overcome any roadblock(s) either through it, over it, or around it.

Make sure you do it the right way, and not create issues for anything or anyone around you.

At times it may take a bit longer. This is why and where your patience and determination come into the picture of success.

Understanding What Drives Us

Have you ever wondered what drives us to take action and push through obstacles?

In simple terms it is Motivation.

Motivation, (both positive or negative) can influence our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

Psychologists have studied Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs at a deeper level.

You can Google Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs yourself if interested.

That's your choice if you want to be better or improve yourself further than you are now.

This theory suggests that our behaviors are guided by different needs.

This can range from basic necessities to personal growth and more.

Different Things That Affect Our Motivation

Scientists have found that two major forms play a vital role in our motivation.

These are our deep desires known as intrinsic motivation.

The other is external rewards known as extrinsic motivation.

Our deep desires along with external rewards, all play a vital role in our motivation.

Understanding these factors helps us figure out how to stay motivated in the long run.

Let's find what each means below.

Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Motivation

Intrinsic motivation drives internal rewards like joy and satisfaction.

Extrinsic motivation comes from external rewards like money or recognition.

Many who want to earn money online tend to aim for more extrinsic motivation first.

The external desire to earn money feels that this will then bring joy and satisfaction.

Yes to a point, that can be true.

There are negative aspects many here in WA have found along their online journey

This is still seen in those get-rich-quick mentality. For some, this only gives false hope that can destroy any form of motivation to continue.

.In my personal opinion, it should be the other way around.

Develop your joy and satisfaction with your chosen niche. Knowing you are helping others find that answer or questions they are seeking.

When you do that, the benefits of earning money and for some even recognition as a result of your hard work.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches this.

This is why Wealthy Affiliate has been in business for so long.

As they teach their members to help others first.

Think of it as passion before profit.

Then when you do this the benefits will come along bringing you that money you seek.

But you need to first learn to follow and apply what is being taught.

Have a drive to succeed and develop a positive attitude.

Doing so will help you overcome those roadblocks.

You will find a stronger motivation to use the challenges as stepping stones to success.

Only then can you move forward.

Let's Debunk Some Myths About Motivation

First, motivation isn't based on external rewards. It often comes from within, driven by our desires and aspirations.

Second, motivation isn't something you're born with - it can change and grow over time.

Finally, motivation isn't an inborn trait. Think of it like a muscle, that can be strengthened through effort and practice.

Setting Meaningful Goals. Understanding Your Why

Understanding your values and passions is key to finding motivation.

This is why at Wealthy Affiliate we have personal goals to set.

First, identify your true values and passions.

Set meaningful goals that align with your purpose.

Clarifying what matters most to you and what excites you.

Doing so, you gain a better understanding of what motivates you in the true sense and it isn't about money. That is a benefit as a result of your actions.

When your goals resonate with your values and passions, they become a reflection of who you are. When you do become of what you stand for.

Developing a Motivational Mindset

Positive thinking plays a crucial role in shaping our motivation and outlook on life.

Reframe the challenges as opportunities for growth and learning.

At the same time be mindful and focused, which will enhance your motivation.

Final thoughts

Motivation isn't just a passing feeling - it's a force to be reckoned with. One that can influence your life and the lives of others.

Connecting your goals to what YOU believe in.

See challenges as chances to grow, and stay mindful.

When you develop that positive drive and determination. You are then able to push through and when done your path to success will be waiting.

Doing so will open doors to endless possibilities.

Remember this:

Life moves in cycles, at times it may feel like you're going through the same steps repeatedly,

Remember that you're not the same as what you were previously. Each cycle brings new experiences and opportunities for growth.

You can and will do this!

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Hello Andre

Thank you for sharing and this is a great blog post. I like when I have those sudden bursts of energy that make me want to work and work. Mindset is the hardest one for me and my mental health makes it harder for me to stay positive but I do my best at all times.

On a side note did you get my PM I sent you the other day?

I will remain consistent and I won't give up. Thank you again for sharing. I hope you enjoy the rest of your evening. All the best to your success.



Thank you Tim yes we can't be full on 100% as some think they are. But as long as we are aware that we can and will overcome many obstacles along the way.

Sometimes we need to push ourselves further and at time beyond what we think is our limit we have more to give and offer ourselves than we realize.

I will check the PM's soon have a few to get through and will respond as soon as I can

Enjoy your weekend


Hello Andre

You're welcome and I agree with you. I will follow up with your PM soon. I hope you enjoy your weekend to. All the best to your success.



Thanks Tim and you are most welcome. Have responded back to the other part as well.

Keep moving forward and always believe in yourself and in all you do. I believe in you

Take care and just be your originally self.


Hello Andre

You're welcome and thank you for your kind words. You take to care to. All the best to your success.



Most welcome Tim have a great and positive week ahead.


Hello Andre

I'm just about to respond to your PM. I hope you have a great and positive week to. All the best to your success.



Thanks Andre,

I like hearing the differences between intrinsic and extrinsic factors.

That is so true to set about how we can fill a need,

Even with jewellery I think upon this when designing, it is probably more an emotional need in being met, rather than a human essential need like water or clothing.

But I do get motivation in the joy on peoples faces when they wear or see something to compliment their personality.

Kind regards

Well stated Erica with the jewellery you make. For you it goes further as you get to see their smiling faces and the happiness they have because of the joy and passion you put in the making of your craft.

Well done and also great to hear from you.

Andre :)

Thanks so much Andre, yes for sure when I make something it is pure joyful energy creating it!

I am doing a space clearing event in my apartment at the moment, releasing things :)

Erica :)

You are most welcome Erica and yes you have a natural talent.
Are you using White Sage for the clearing? Work on each corner first then the rest of the room for maximum effect. Then go from room to room


Thanks so much Andre, I am using myrh and frankincence and palo wood. I must get some sage too!

I actually did start on the corner in my bedroom, I am a bit cluttered so it desperately needs it for new energy.


Wonderful Erica I use Myrh and Frankincence a lot but am running low need to get some more soon. Along with a few other types. We all need to change the energy around once in a while.

Also love using Nag Champa for general sent

Wishing much light


Andre 🙌🙌🙌🙏🙏🙏

Thanks so much Andre, I appreciate hearing what you use.

I agree we need that energy shift sometimes, I find for sometime when I get stuck I see it in the clutter of things haha or the collectables I have to have books for instance sometimes and the quantity gets a little too much.

Wishing you much light also


Erica 🙏🙏🙏🤲🤲

Certainly can understand with the books I still have a couple that I haven't got started with and there is always something else to get through. Did give some away a little while ago as I felt they were no longer needed for me and more important to someone else.

Absolutely Andre, some books are great to move on to someone else needing those messages.

Have a nice Sunday :)

Good morning Erica
Yes they have served it purpose now to help someone else
Enjoy your Sunday😀🙏

A great read as always Andre!

It's so true that motivation can come and then suddenly disappear depending upon what we are actually doing and the circumstances at any given time...

Staying positive in our minds is essential in order to overcome any negativity that could be effecting us from anywhere in our lives!

Learning from when the chips are down is essential when trying to move forward and do everything better from past experiences!

Much appreciated as always buddy and enjoy the start of your weekend! :-)

Very much so Nick that motivation can disappear in an instant when some suddenly happens along the way. Guess that is where that old breath in for 10 secs certainly comes back in and allow us Refocus once more.

Enjoy your day


Absolutely Andre and have a great Saturday when you wake up my friend! :-)

Thank you Nick been a busy and hectic morning only came on a little while ago.

Enjoy your weekend as well


Busy and hectic can be good at times Andre, but... it's the weekend so try to relax my friend!!


Thanks somethings have to get done but will get there

There's always something to do Andre! :-)

That's for sure neverending that's life

It is indeed my friend!

Take care ok! :-)

Will do Nick enjoy your week ahead.

Andre :)

You too Andre! :-)


a very positive message, thank you!

You are most welcome continue to strive forward and enjoy all before you

Great read Andre, thanks. I’ve been researching the Self-Determination Theory by psychologists Edward Deci and Richard Ryan the last few days for my latest article. I feel like the two are very much related.

Wonderful to hear Steve and yes it is even better that you are familiar with this as it makes it more interesting for you to understand more and introduce many parts into your article.

Well done

Keep moving forward


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