Last Update: November 07, 2013

Hello you all within the WA school leading to be a future IM marketeer.

Being around for almost two month now and having completed level1 course the moment has arrived to go live with a first "piece of work" hoping it soon will be my first "piece of art". In my case that does not mean it has to be successfull in terms of visitors and as a consequence of that leading to my first ever earning on internet. I would be rather glad if I could find it somewhere on internet !!! Back to my theme.

The first D is : whatever happens in the future; i DID it, it is DONE my first site ready for the world. To be honest I am proud of what i did so far with regards to the content, but besides refining that, it must be - one way or another - more appealing to my audience. It took me a few weeks with the help i found in blogs about Writing Effective Sales Copy,How to find good keywords, from Kyle and blogs from Boomer and BIS about website checklist for beginners, Advice for Beginners. Reduce wordcount and many more. So I rewrote and tried to "shorten" the original text as much as posbible to hopefully be sufficient enough attractive to turn site-visitors into sie-readers and more!

Far too quick after experiencing my first D came the second one, namely DOUBT. (a experience equivalent to what Christine cld 111 has written about in Faith and Doubt). Doubt about what could go wrong in/on my first steps "in the Open"?. What happens when I make mistakes? can I correct them? I practised the same experience about what I write about in my content about How to Improve your Golfswing. As soon as you begin thinking of what can go wrong you don't have to wait long its going to happen fore sur!

To limit the wordcount of this first ever comment for me within WA; - its growing to be my first blog - I will talk a bit about my third D, the D of DULL. Although I read a lot about the keyword how to improve your golfswing and one of the aids which could be a swinganalyzer it is has not all been easy to find components next to the text to make the whole of the content worhwhile reading to the end. One solution could be a movie about how to etc.but that will be an expensive adventure. Introducing pictures would help but i read the warning to pay copy-rights etc. and athough one picture says more than 1000 words it is impossible to catch a series of movements in one shot! (Sometimes I wish I had chosen another niche? but who of new-comers - so far without any other result than developping their site - will not have that same thought?)

So far with my last D I also try to get some response/comment on my site - when it is available - for which i will be must gratefull. Antonius.


I realise now it won t be too difficult to wirite another blog with 3D 's with other significations (in the near future), but feel free to comment on this one, also when it comes to writing with a better use of grammar etc. I read there ate a lot of (ex)teachers within the WA community.

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CoachEd Premium
Yep and again AnnieB is right on ---Hey dont forget to Google plus your blog and twitter it ---- I will go do it for you just in case you have not set them up !!! Your on your way !!!
AnnieB Premium
Hey there Ed. Thanks for the "vote of confidence" above. Question - should we post our blogs that we write here under the "My Blogs" tab to google?
AnnieB Premium
It takes a while to get into the swing of writing when you are not used to it. But the only way to get good, is as you it.. I've been here for over four months and I am starting to find I am getting a bit better at it. The doubt turns up as we are out of our comfort zone. Again, the more often we do it, then it will become part of our comfort zone.
AntoniOom Premium
Hi Digger thanks for your comment; wish you lots of success too. Stil don t got all the answers i asked for but patience is a virtue! Regards Antonius
AnnieB Premium
To reply to someone's comment, click on Reply under their post. Like I just did on your comment above. Hope this helps.
DIGGER12 Premium
Hi, it worked, I went to your profile and clicked on the blog tab at the top. Let me know if it works on your end ;-) I should get an email that you replied. Great first post by the way ;-)