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Hi everyone. I am definitely new to affiliate marketing! I work in education, and as much as I love it, it doesn't pay very well.





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Google disavow tool not working?

Google disavow tool not working?

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Search Engine Optimization

Hi everyone,
I need to disavow some toxic backlinks that I think may be severely damaging my standing with google. I have read up about the disavow tool here at WA and on N



thank you, Abie

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Indexing problems related to the spam update?

Indexing problems related to the spam update?

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Search Engine Optimization

Hi everyone,
I am having some issues with indexation and I was wondering if anyone knows if the Google update could have affected that. My understanding of it was (I could

Hi Ann, sorry to hear you're still going through this. You can try searching Google by typing...


If your posts show up, then they are indexed even if GSC is showing a discrepancy. That doesn't really help with rankings, but it will give you an idea if your posts are actually showing up in Google at all.

Also, are you having any issues with other search engines?

Thanks, Jay. I just tried searching that way and it seems that the posts that show up are the ones that the GSC is saying are indexed, and the ones that aren't showing up are the ones the GSC won't index. So far I have only had trouble with Google, and Bing and Yahoo are okay :)

Hi Ann, sorry for the late reply. My family and I have been under the weather so I've been offline more than usual.

This is an interesting challenge. I was hoping you'd find your other pages in the SERPs but at least now it's clear there's a technical issue.

Did you get a chance to see if someone had scraped or copied your content and posted it on their website?

One thing that happened to me a couple years ago is that I set up a staging website because I had some major changes to make.

For some reason, Google indexed that staging site which then automatically de-indexed my main site. I didn't realize this until I had already made the change and deleted the staging site.

It was quite a mess. I had to rebuild my staging site and then forward everything to my main site. It took a few weeks or maybe a month or so but slowly Google started re-indexing everything.

So I'm wondering if someone hasn't copied your content and for some reason Google is de-indexing yours (the original) because it sees it as duplicate content.

You also say that your posts won't index. Do you mean when try to force GSC to index them there is an error?

I don't think there is an error when I try to get the GSC to index. It crawls fine and says it is available to be indexed. But then it never actually indexes.

I checked a few pages I new weren't indexing in Copyscape and nothing showed up but not very many of them yet.

It all started happening when I installed the plugin with Ezoic, and they always talk about having 'Ezoic versions' of my pages... so maybe something is going wrong there? Unfortunately, they have been very defensive of their program and not much help which is really to bad. I'm not mad at them at all and I still want to use them as advertisers, I just really want me pages and rankings back.

Did you do a site backup prior to installing the Ezoic plugin? If so, it might be worth reverting back to version of your site.

Also, did you try removing the plugin and re-indexing those pages?

It's interesting that the problem is with some posts and not others. Is there another plugin you're running specifically on those pages that are not indexing? Even something minor like a table of contents plugin, an exit pop-up, or something like that.

If so, it could be that plugin or it could be a conflict between that plugin and Ezoic's plugin.

Sorry, you've probably checked these things already but just putting out some ideas.

No problem- no I haven't tried those things. I will give it a shot and let you know how it goes. Thanks for your help, those are good ideas :)

Also try opening an account with Keen. A Google site supposedly to. rival Pinterest, but by posting there you bring attention to your posts for Google. My link is under my profile if you want to check it out or just Google “ keen”. There has been training done on it.

Oh, interesting- I have never heard of that. I will check it out. Thanks, Stephen.


You may request indexing at any time via inspection tool of GSC.

You may also link internally to posts that are, when your site get crawled may help your other non-indexed posts.

Great, thank you Abie :)

Hi Ann,

Yes, you are not the only one. Many people have asked about this.

My understanding is that Google does not continually instantly update its index of the URL of your post right away or at all.

From what I read, I learned that Google might take one day, a few weeks, or months or never index your articles. They never said that every one of them would be indexed or ranked.

You want to look at URL inspection, so you are looking to inspect if your article has been indexed. If not, you can request GSC to submit indexing. Have you made any indexing requests?

Or revamp and improve your article. Most likely got hit by the Oct 19, 2022, Google Spam update. Many lost traffic, and lost their sites dropped off of Google. Follow the Google E. A. T.

It's worth looking at your articles and revamping them for SEO.

Hi Brenda :) Thanks for your response! Yes, sadly I've made many indexing requests and Google is not responding yet. I will have another look though at those articles in terms of the spam update. I have become so entitled! My posts used to index in 20 minutes! The last time I had to wait so long for indexing was a year and a half ago when I first started my website! Crazy!

Ok. You might want to watch Jay's training about repurposing content. He does explain how to revamp articles written before. We must always edit and add to them over time and make changes for better SEO. Google is now looking for high authority site that matches their update with E. A. T. product review updates, many updated things you need to look for.

How can people find your site if your article is not what Google thinks is an authority site in your niche?

Your articles must be optimized.

One way to do that is to find the people ask section in Google. Are you answering their questions? Are you solving something? Do you recommend three products in the product review update?

You can read about that in Google Product Review updates. All of these have a direct impact on your overall site. If Google doesn't see it meeting the E.A.T. you won't gain traction until you revise it and find what people want. Google will reward you for that.

Have you gone through them, added to it, or revamped them, if not, then you will need to do that.

Ok, I will do that. Thanks for your help Brenda :)

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My articles are gone?

My articles are gone?

asked in
Search Engine Optimization

I have been checking 4 articles regularly now to see how they are doing. My website is about 1.5 years old, and the articles have been on page one for over a month. Suddenly, t

Hi Ann, have you made any changes to those posts recently or to your website?

I've had posts fall off of page one before as well and disappear from the rankings entirely, but in most cases it was temporary.

Depending on the keyword, once you go back as far as page 5 on Google and beyond, the content becomes mostly irrelevant to the search query (unless it's an extremely competitive keyword). So if your rankings have dropped below content that's completely irrelevant or articles that contain very little to no content at all... it's probably not an algorithm issue.

Algorithm updates can certainly affect your rankings, but if they're knocking you completely out of contention, there may be something else going on with your site or articles.

Have you checked Google Search Console for anything odd? A manual action for example, or a recent barrage of dodgy backlinks?

You can run your posts through Copyscape as well and make sure there aren't a dozen other copies online somewhere that someone has scraped and published.

Check them in Google Search Console to see if they're still being indexed and that there are no canonical links pointing to a different version that someone stole.

Also check that your posts haven't been marked as noindex or nofollow. I had a post that disappeared because of that once, and I have no idea how it could have happened. I would have never marked it that way on purpose, and yet, somehow that's what happened. And with hundreds of posts, I didn't even notice it for several months.

You should also check your outbound links and make sure they are still pointed at the sites and articles you intended them to go to. That was another issue that happened to me once. One of my external links has been redirected by whoever owned or bought the site the link was pointing to, which affected my rankings.

Finally, in cases where I could find no obvious explanation and weeks went by without a post returning to a reasonable position, I simply rebuilt it and re-submitted it to Google with the same URL.

Create a backup of the original (I just copy and paste the html into a text file when doing this). Then start a clean draft post, make sure that you're copying plain text if you're copying. Basically, you're just trying to rebuild the post clean with no potential code or formatting issues.

These things shouldn't affect your rankings, but if nothing else makes sense, it's worth a shot.

Once you've done that and the post has been rewritten in plain text, replace the old html with the new html and then re-upload your images.

If you're using a page builder for your posts, rebuilding them in just the Wordpress editor can help. A couple years ago I spent months rebuilding an entire site because of this of this, and it solved a lot of problems. The problem with page builders, in addition to being "locked in", is that can become incompatible with older plugins you may be using.

And on the topic of plugins, have you installed any new ones recently? Another issue I had a couple years ago was an anti-spam plugin I installed. For some reason it was blocking legitimate IP's and instead of visitors seeing the post, they were getting a splash screen that said something about them not having access to it (I can't remember the exact wording). I caught that one before it affected my rankings but something else to consider if you're installed any new plugins recently.

Hi Jay! Thanks for your detailed response- I will be sure to check those things out. That's definitely what seemed the weirdest to me. The rankings were gone and not even buried somewhere on the google pages. I even went through every page to look for them but they weren't dumped to page 9 or anything like that. I did install a new plugin about a week ago, the Ezoic plug-in. Thanks again for your help!

That could be the culprit. I'm not familiar with their plugin (I use Medivine), but I imagine it would make changes at the post/page level. I've also read of some conflicts and issues using Ezoic in the various blogging groups I belong to. But as far as rankings go it would just be speculation. Depending on your current Ezoic revenue, you could try disabling their plugin for a couple weeks and see if your rankings return.

Ok, great thanks for that info. I didn't know that I plugin could do that until now. That would make sense because it happened shortly after I installed it. I will look into it.

Hope it gets sorted soon. I can relate to this, and understand the frustration. Overall I've been lucky with my rankings over the years so I can't complain too much, but I've certainly had these types of isolated issues.

Thanks, Jay. Ya, it is a little frustrating, because my website was just starting to do well- but I have a feeling it will get sorted out soon. It's good to know other people have run into the same issue before :)

Keep me posted. It definitely sounds more like a technical issue rather than an algorithmic one.

For sure. I'll let you now how it goes.

Well, it looks like I needed to toggle off a button on the Ezoic plugin that was disrupting the DNS records (I think that's what Ezoic was saying). They said to monitor the traffic and let them know if it gets back to normal. My traffic numbers aren't too bad in Google Analytics, but in the GSC my impressions are almost gone, which doesn't make sense to me. It seems like there should be more impressions to go with the pageviews and sessions.

You have great answers here.

people here are pretty helpful :)

Unfortunately, Google updates can do this. All you can do is add more relevant information to the post and see what happens.

Ya, I thought maybe I got away with the update not affecting my website because it's been a couple of months since the update- but I guess that it takes a while for the google bot to change. More helpful content seems to be the answer :)

Hi - as the others have said, this will be due to a recent Google update, probably the one in August, which was about Helpful Content.

I took a look at your site, and here are a couple of things I noticed.

In your posts, you quote some content from other sources, and link back to the original.

This may fall under "Are you mainly summarizing what others have to say without adding much value?"

So, you are actually telling Google that you have either directly quoted from elsewhere or you have re-written other websites' content.

Next, at the end of your posts, you have a box that, when clicked, takes you to another website that answers the same question.

In effect, you are sending visitors to your rivals, your competition.

You are telling them, and Google, that your content isn't good enough; they still need to go elsewhere and read about it.

This could fall under "Does your content leave readers feeling like they need to search again to get better information from other sources?"

Great, thanks Diane for looking into that for me. I will check those things out.

Just note that just because a post or a page may rank no 1 it is not a permanent thing.

Posts will go up and down normally if they are disappearing a lot from the page position then that could also be due to Google's algorithms as Phil stated.

Also, other competing websites using targeted keywords similar to yours can also be another factor.

look at where you are now and look at the top 1st page and see what your completion is doing to rank higher than you.

Adjust and add to make it more relevant and find what people are asking regarding your content and niche topic for that post and get it ranked going where it should be.


Unfortunately, these four posts have been very stable on page one for a long time, and nothing about the competition has changed that I can see.

Great, they have been stable for a long time but that still doesn't mean they will be in the same spot forever.

As for the competition not changing how high is their authority compared to yours can also be a factor along with below posts I gave.

In this case, it may be more likely due to the many algorithm changes by Google

So you will need to look at the quality of your post.

You may want to read these posts relating to Google and what they are looking which may have affected your post's ranking. Andre

Very true. Thanks for the links!

Most welcome Ann enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Thanks, you also!

Thank you Ann

Hard to see it being anything other than the latest Google algorithm update. It took one of my posts off page 1 too. Fortunately it was only demoted to page 4. All you can do is make changes oriented towards improving content and making it more relevant.

Oh I hope not. I was wondering... but the posts seemed way more relevant and helpful to the keyword than the other ones. Most of them didn't even relate in the slightest to the key word past page one.

A common story, I'm afraid. They probably have something you can't see, like a ton of relevant backlinks.

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How do you hook up to ezoic ads without changing name servers or using cloudflare ?

How do you hook up to ezoic ads without changing name servers or using cloudflare ?

asked in
Getting Started

I am not sure how to hook up my website to Ezoic ads. They are telling me that I have to change my nameservers or use Cloudflare in order to advertise through them. Since WA ne

Good question and helpful answers :-)

Hi AnnWiens,

I've recently set up Ezoic on my site using Cloudflare. If you open up a ticket with site support, they will move your site onto hosting that allows Cloudflare.

As far as I'm aware, this is the optimal way to go about it, using the plug-in increases site load times significantly.

To be honest, getting the DNS records correct was slightly confusing, but site support is great and should be able to advise.

Also, my site email has been down since setting up with Cloudflare due to DNS records not being exact, and I'm in the process of trying to resolve this with Ezoic.

Something to keep in mind if you use your site email.

If you've got any other questions about setting up Cloudfare and Ezoic, let me know, and I might be able to help.



Great, thanks for your help, Drew!

Hi, i am trying to connect my site to Ezoic, How did you resolve your domain email issue then.

My email address is extremely important, i can not just risk it.


Hi- I know you are asking Drew but I thought I would just let you know that I was able to sort this out with site support- but your email may be temporarily down for a few days due to the changing DNS records, etc.

thank you.

I appreciate


Great, thanks Abie!

You may check Kyle's comment

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