NEVER Give up in your Goals! (the Biggest Secret.)

Last Update: April 13, 2019

It's been a long time that I don't blog here at WA...

Here I am again.

So today by chance I came across a comment I left 2 years ago under the money goals post.

I remember VERY WELL when I joined WA 2 years ago when I was setting up my profile.

I was so excited because I knew Wealthy Affiliate was a real deal from the start.

So today I came across this...

This was 2 years ago when I joined WA and set up my profiles and goals.

My goal was to earn $1500 a month and I'm happy to say that today I earn more than that every month.

But it wasn't easy, I made lots of mistakes, I fell down, I doubted myself, but I NEVER gave up.

Just imagine if I gave up...

I'd be still a struggling university student under debt...

If you're reading this and you're not making money yet or if you're new to WA, just stick to the training.

You have no idea how much I doubted myself and if I could ever succeed at this.

You probably see success stories here every day but keep in mind that what you probably don't see is the sweat, frustration and the hard work behind it.

There are no secrets...

The secret is to fall, learn, get up, fall, learn,get up learn until you make it.

That's exactly what I have been going through with my online business and all these successful people went throught the same.

I hope this post gave you some motivation to work harder in your business and never give up in your goals because you've full control of your success.

I used to read posts like these when I was just getting started and they do help a lot in giving you more motivation...

So go ahead and stick with the training!

To your success.

Anis " NEVER give up in your goals" Chity :)

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PMindra Premium
Hi, Anis.
Nice to see you again.

Glad that things are going well for you.

Continued best wishes from Canada.

MElumir Premium
thank you for this encouraging post.

I hope I will earn too.
MiaL Premium Plus
Awesome post Anis - I hope lots of new starters see this too. Great news story and well done! :)
AnisChity Premium
Thanks Melissa! :)
MichalB Premium
Anis - Congratulations!

You made it, that is great.

Your post is an inspiration for all of us who still are on the way to that goal.

AnisChity Premium
Thanks a lot! :)
Pedrone Premium
Great Post and great achievement!
good on you my friend!
have a great weekend
AnisChity Premium
Thanks, Pedrone, have a great week too :)