When things are not going as expected? Try this!

Last Update: May 20, 2016

Hi guys,

It's been a while since I shared my thoughts with you.

As you may have noticed I am no longer sharing my results lately and there is a reason for this.

I have written about my first sale, my first subscribers, my first Youtube video,...

I felt so happy with every little accomplishment I made that I wanted to show everybody that YOU CAN succeed and it's possible in ANY niche...

The truth is that I didn't want to admit the harsh reality...

I don't think I will make it in that niche and not every niche will make you successful.

Not every niche is a good niche

When Kyle first said that you should chose a niche that you are passionate about, I was so exited!

I knew exactly what is would be! ( Electronic music Production).

The truth is that I realized that succeeding in this niche is much more difficult than I thought.

I have some great results, though. I have some posts that are on first page of google, I have more visitors each day, a lot of followers on Twitter, I have made some sales,...

Yes, but it's not enough! It will take me YEARS to get a decent income that way and I'd like to make some real money now ;) ( because that's why we are here for in the first place, no?)

Yes, I am a music producer and yes it's my passion but in reality I have not that much of a knowledge about all the technical stuff, software, producing techniques,.. and I am getting at the end of topics that I can share with people.

I am also getting tired of writing reviews about products that I don't really know something about or that I haven't tested myself.

I know it can be a lucrative niche but only if you are able to make some tutorials or if you are really patient.

So no, I won't quit!

And I will continue working on my electronic music production website ...

But for now I leave it a rest.

I have some ideas for my website in the future but for now I need to use everything I have learned at WA to start over and start better!

I was a complete newbie to all this and I can see now what mistakes I have made and how I could have done it better.

We will all make mistakes when we start and we need to learn from our mistakes instead of giving up on our dreams.

Quit or start over?

Are you going to quit when things are not going as expected?

Or are you going to use everything you learned and start over?

I believe that many people will recognize themselves in my story and there are different ways to react when things are not going as expected.

You quit or you learn form your mistakes and continue!

Well I am not a quitter!

I've been to some hard times realizing that I wasn't really where I wanted to be but on the other hand I have accomplished much more than I would have if I haven't tried it in the first place!

All online marketing gurus's will tell you the same story.

They have tried and they have failed, once, twice o even more but the one thing they all have in common...is they never gave up!

Tips to find the right niche

So,I came to the conclusion that this niche wasn't the right one and some criteria are essential in finding a good niche,

These are the 6 fundamental aspects that every good niche should have.

Those criteria helped me understand why my niche isn't the best one and I have came up with many ideas for my new niche by using this simple questionnaire.

If you can't answer those 6 criteria than maybe you haven't chosen the right niche.

1) Does your audience have a desperate problem they need an immediate solution for? Or do they have a passion that are willing to pay a lot of money on?

2) Is there enough demand? And will there be enough demand on the long run?

3) Are there good affiliate programs in that niche? Enough products that can be sold? Or can you create your own product?

4) How about the competition? Too much is not good but not enough audience isn't either. Can you bring something different than your competitors? Is there enough interest in that niche?

5) Do your target audience spend time on social media and internet? Have you done some target audience research?

6) Are you comfortable writing about your niche? is it something you could write about for hours'? Are you feeling comfortable about your audience?

I hope my story can be helpful for people struggling with their niche.

For now, I will give it all a rest and start over on Monday for a new exiting adventure!

Have a great weekend and please like and comment on my post if you liked it ;)


PS: I will probably make a training about the 6 criteria for a perfect niche next week to elaborate it a little more.

So make sure to stay tuned ;)

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Chrissies Premium
Great post Angelique, and very good advice! Having the courage to admit you got it a bit wrong and to start over is a great trait to have.
Good luck with your new direction :)
AngelBcn Premium
Thank you so much, Chrissie :)
Glad you appreciated it!
I am very excited to start over and use everything I've learned so far to start all fresh :)
Chrissies Premium
Actually, I imagine that a great feeling Angelique, good luck :)
RobinHudson Premium
Nice way to come back on the scene Angelique. Great post and great encouragement. Looking at that ant reminded me I have to get my chainsaw out and cut some wood! Blessings, Robin
AngelBcn Premium
haha good luck with that! ;)
Thanks for popping by and enjoy your weekend Robin!
Brooklyn2008 Premium
Great post! I have often thought of this same thing if things don't go well on my site. I know I have a good niche, it's just very competitive. But I think that as the interest progresses, all niches will be competitive. But you just have to learn how to stay unique and above your competition.
Like any business guru would tell you; when one investment fails, they move onto the next. It's just the nature of the beast, Some projects are goldmines whiles others are lessons. :)
AngelBcn Premium
I like when you say ' some projects are goldmines while others are lessons' :)
This is exactly what it is about!
Too many quit when things go wrong before trying to understand why this is and what they can do to do it better next time.
When things are not going as you want, you try again until you find your 'goldmine'!
Brooklyn2008 Premium
Absolutely! ! :)
Rynsden Premium
Good advice. Will need to reference this for me. Still struggling on narrowing down my niche.
AngelBcn Premium
Thank you and best of luck!
Have a great weekend :)
Rynsden Premium
Thank you and you also have a great weekend!
Maxiam59 Premium
Yes I really enjoyed it and I can answer yes to all but one of the questions .I have not done a target audience .I have been here almost 2 years now and still am learning every day but I will never give up and never surrender all the best Max
AngelBcn Premium
Hi Max,

If you have answered 'yes' to most of the questions, you have probably found a great niche!

Now, I have read a lot about choosing the right target audience.
When you choose a niche you should be able to put yourself in the mind of your audience.

A simple trick to do so is to create a persona and give him or her a name.
You start telling a story about that person. As an example, I will choose the weight loss niche.
'Joanna is a 40-year-old female that needs to loose weight.
She is married, has 2 children and has an office job. She doesn't like to work out and she would like to lose weight fast.'

Then ask yourself the question: What does Joanna need to solve her issue and how can I help her with that?
Is this target audience interested in what I could offer? And is 80 % of my targeted audience interested in my topics?

If not, you start again and you try to find a good match for the niche you have in mind.
So you started with the idea of a weight loss niche and by selecting the best target audience, you can get more and more specific until you get the right one!

All the best max and have a great weekend!