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First and foremost I am an animal rights activist. I am also Vegan for the animals & the environment. I want to make a better





Can I change the name of my website?

Can I change the name of my website?

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I haven't been active much at all the last few months. 'Life' got in the way I guess, and I finally retired a couple months ago. I was really excited in the beginning with my l

What is your current domain name?

You have your answer....as long as your site name is in the general area, your use of keywords in your posts/pictures/etc. will be what ranks you in SEO .... perhaps it can be incorporated into the site title, as onmyownterms said....

Thank you rosieM.

You can change the Site Title within your theme, but you cannot change your URL. You would have to purchase a new domain name in order to change that.

Thank you onmyownterms for your insight. I will look into this.

PS - I love your name and logo!

Thanks, I designed it myself. :)

Very nice work!

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What to do with all the blog posts and new training I save?

What to do with all the blog posts and new training I save?

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I keep thinking I'll read them when I get some free time, but that never seems to happen. I have saved roughly 130 posts and training emails. I get stressed thinking 'I'll neve

I have a sticky notes program running so whenever I find links, articles or posts of interest and relevance I save the URL to a sticky for later.

If I find they are very useful I bookmark them, but I create categories in my bookmarks so I know where everything is.

For example, I have a folder in my bookmarks called Internet Marketing, I then have a subfolder called Wealthy Affiliate. I do it this way, as I prefer everything saved locally, I have more control over it this way.

As for learning all this stuff, you will remember the basics, that comes by simply applying it in your daily routine. The other stuff you will need to have references, hence why I am so vigilant with bookmarking.

When you've been at this a long time you'll also end up with a long list of referral links, there is a lesson here that will teach you how to save those to am excel file.

Thank you jaytech. You are so organized. I can bookmark but need to look into the sticky note idea.

I use this, which is totally free.


Thank you so much jaytech. I will check it out for sure.

If you don't want to just rely on WA search bar, create a journal or access database type document so you can sort by topic, etc. Just a thought

A journal is a good idea too. Sort by topics perhaps. Thank you rosieM.

That's why there is a place at the top of your screen that allows you to search when you have an issue. Just put in a keyword to your issue and often several posts will come up. ~Debbi

Thank you Debbi.

Wow, that is quite a face on that pup! I created a WA file on Word where I copy any live links to articles and websites that I don't want to lose. This helps me to quickly reference training sessions. The amount of information and sharing is unbelievable. Chuck

Oh, great idea. I'll have to create something like that. Thanks Chuck. Keep your stick on the ice!

You will find them, there is search tab.

Oh, thanks jvranjes.

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