1k Followers! Love you guys!

Last Update: April 29, 2016

Hi guys,

I had the most lovely surprise when logging into WA this morning and that was to discover that I had more than 1000 followers :)

It made me so happy to see that people are interested in what I can share with them and consider me as someone who can help them through their online journey.

It's been 8 months now that I started at WA and I could never have done everything I achieved so far on my own .

Your support and kind words helped me move forward and go through difficult days!

All of you who follow me know that I am ALWAYS following you back.

I know it's not the case for everyone here but I believe that it's the most simple form of respect to have towards people who trust you and believe you can bring them something in this venture.

Being able to motivate, help or advice each other is what makes the WA platform so great because TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG!

So I want to thank all my friends for your trust, support and all the sweet words that helped me move forward!


Your friend, Angélique

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MPollock Premium
Nice work keep it up
AngelBcn Premium
You too !
RobinHudson Premium
Nice to see!
AngelBcn Premium
Thanks Robin! Have a great day :)
joyweb Premium
Good for you.
AriefWibowo Premium
Congratulation! You will go even further!
AngelBcn Premium
Thanks Arief :)
Mac01 Premium
Congratulations Angélique! Keep up the good work.
AngelBcn Premium
Thank you Thomas !