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Hi everyone,Today is a happy day! I just noticed that my latest post was ranking on the number 1 spot in Google!That means I ranked better than Yahoo answers and than my main competitors who have a high Page and Domain Authority.It comes a little bit like a surprise because lately I struggled to rank at all with a 5000 word post that I worked on for a whole week. How did I do it?1. Find a Long Tail Keyword in Jaaxy. Jaaxy is still my Number 1 Keyword Tool. I have tried Long Tail Pro lately beca
'Niche' is probably THE most used word by online marketers but it's also the word that it's the most mispronounced.'Neesh', 'Nitch' or 'Nish' … If you have been around for some time you have probably heard different versions of the word Niche.For the newbies, let's just have a quick recap of what exactly a Niche is ( in the realm of Marketing)What is a Niche?According to the business dictionary a niche is:'A small but profitable segment of a market suitable for focused attention by a mar
Hi guys, As you may have noticed, I haven't been around a lot on WA lately and I am apologizing to all my WA friends for this.But the reason why, is a happy one!:)I have been busy as hell with my websites and my business is really starting to grow strong lately.I have created 3 more websites and I am starting to get results with everything I learned here at WA over the last 15 months.But...unfortunately it is still not enough to make a living out of it...So I have been searching for other ways
Hi guys,I can’t believe it’s been 1 year since I joined WA. Crazy how time flies!Was is a successful year? In many ways IT WAS! Have I achieved the goals that I set? Not the financial ones, no but the personal ones?! DefinitelyNow, if you are looking for an insane income graphic and a story about how I am able to live from my websites, this is not what you are going to get, sorry.In my 1 year at WA post I’d rather talk about my general impression on online marketing, the lesso
What is the Cookie law?As funny as its name might be the Cookie Law is something that a lot of E.U. Citizens might overlook.Since 2011 an EU Directive was adopted by all EU countries which gives individuels the right to refuse the use of cookies.What is a cookie?Cookies are a term to design short term memory for the web. It's information that is stored on your bowser and enables a website to remember small bits of information between pages or visits.You probably noticed that when you entered yo
Hi guys,It's been a while since I shared my thoughts with you. As you may have noticed I am no longer sharing my results lately and there is a reason for this.I have written about my first sale, my first subscribers, my first Youtube video,... I felt so happy with every little accomplishment I made that I wanted to show everybody that YOU CAN succeed and it's possible in ANY niche...The truth is that I didn't want to admit the harsh reality...I don't think I will make it in that niche and not e
Hi guys,I had the most lovely surprise when logging into WA this morning and that was to discover that I had more than 1000 followers :)It made me so happy to see that people are interested in what I can share with them and consider me as someone who can help them through their online journey.It's been 8 months now that I started at WA and I could never have done everything I achieved so far on my own .Your support and kind words helped me move forward and go through difficult days!All of you w
Hey guys,Today I was trying to figure out what my ranking was for a Youtube video I made about a month ago.I have been busy with a lot of other things and although I was regularly checking my views I wasn't really aware of my ranking for that video.I have came across 2 ways to check rankings on Youtube.- The first one is a website called need to put your keyword and the link to your video which is fine ... but then you have only 3 options to chose from in t
Today is a sad day... again... and now it happens in my beloved country... :(I have no words for what I am feeling right now ...My family and friends are safe but all my thoughts go to the victims and their families.We will not surrender to those insane fanatics !!!
Hey guys,Today is my 6 month anniversary at WA! I can't believe how fast those last 6 months have passed...September 7th was definitely the day that changed my life forever!I still remember, me sitting on a terras with friends the day before, telling them that I wanted to start an online business but having no clue where to even start with.I was one of the lucky ones, as I never tried anything before and I avoided all the online scams and other MLM's.I fell straight into WA with absolutely 'zer