1 year at WA! 4 essential lessons I learned

Last Update: September 07, 2016

Hi guys,

I can’t believe it’s been 1 year since I joined WA. Crazy how time flies!

Was is a successful year? In many ways IT WAS!

Have I achieved the goals that I set? Not the financial ones, no but the personal ones?! Definitely

Now, if you are looking for an insane income graphic and a story about how I am able to live from my websites, this is not what you are going to get, sorry.

In my 1 year at WA post I’d rather talk about my general impression on online marketing, the lessons I learned and the reasons that keep me moving no matter what obstacles I have faced and will have to face to make it work.

You can read my post on my first 6 months at WA if you like to learn more about what I learned in the training and what I accomplished

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What are the 4 essential lessons I learned

Lesson 1: Persistance is the key!

As a total newbie back then I underestimated how hard this all would be.

The only thing I knew is that this was exactly what I dreamed of doing all my life. Nothing could stop me from succeeding and I would do anything to make it work!

The truth is that affiliate marketing isn’t easy… It won’t make you rich over night and unless you are truly dedicated to it, you will never make it!

I know this sounds harsh but, besides some exceptions, you have to be prepared that it will be a be a long road full of obstacles before you finally see the light of financial freedom.

And you better be prepared for that!

It’s A LOT of work and persistance! By this I am not only talking on a professional level, but also on an emotional level.

Most people will quit before the 6 month bar because they don’t see any results. Some will even quit before 3 months…

I have been there, I know what it is to work your ass off for some pennies! It took me 4 months of working my ass off full-time on my website to make my first sale.

Read more on that here: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/angelbcn/blog/yess...

But do you really believe that all the successful people and guru’s out there made it in a couple of months?

When you read their stories you will notice that mostly all of them failed, 1 time , 2 times or more before they actually made it. For most of them it took them 3 years to succeed!

The thing they do all have in common is their persistance!

They didn’t give up when everything seemed impossible!

They fell and they stood up!

Lesson 2: Learn from your mistakes

You WILL make mistakes! We all do … It’s completely normal.Now, are you going to quit or are you going to learn from them?

I made a lot of mistakes but that means I also took action!

Read more on that here:https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/angelbcn/blog/when...

Lesson 3: Don’t push yourself to hard

You want to make this work and you want to make money fast… but at what price?

We all have responsabilies, a family to take care off, a job, …

Starting your own business can quickly become overwhelming and it’s not because you do something you love that you can’t be the victim of a burn-out.

Do what you can do but don’t push yourself to hard. It will take the time it takes!

Lesson 4: invest!

When I say you will need to invest, I am not only talking about money but about your personal investment.

Yes you will need to invest money to make money online but you need to invest in yourself to make it work!

The whole thing about making money online for free or creating a website fro free simply doesn’t work!

Please feel free to correct me if you don’t agree but from my personal experience I think it’s impossible ;)

  • First you will need to invest in training (If you are here, it’s because you already realized that and subscribing to WA will be the best investment in training you can get)
  • A domain ( I don’t think you can really make it with a free domain).
  • An autoresponder ( Aweber, Mailchimp,…). Because real money is in the list!
  • A premium theme ( I use Thrive Themes and saw my conversions increase considerably)
  • Adds ( Facebook adds, Adsense,..)
  • A keyword planner ( I use Jaaxy but the free keyword toll here at WA is great too)
  • Competitive intelligence tools and other tools ( SemRush, Moz, Alexa,..)
  • Social media tools ( I love Hootsuite to manage my social media )
  • And most important: Invest in time!

Now if you can’t or don’t want to invest at first, that’s totally up to you, but at some point, you will need to invest so making the right choices in what to invest in is important.

I could come up with so many other things but I'd like to hear form you :) So, feel free to add any lessons you have learned during your time at WA or in online marketing in the comments below!

I am feeling blessed every single day for having the chance to be part of this amazing community and I thank everyone who has helped me out this year!



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MPollock Premium
You have to keep going no mater what.
AngelBcn Premium
Up is the only way!
theresroth Premium
Thank you for this post, Angelique, it shows how important the dedication is!
AngelBcn Premium
Dedication is everything, Therese :)
svthomas07 Premium
Hi, wish you a happy anniversary. Wish you all the success.
AngelBcn Premium
Thank you Stephy :)
Loes Premium
Do we know each other for just a year now, Angélique? Feels much longer. Has been an amazing learning curve:)
AngelBcn Premium
Yes, it seems much longer haha
You were one of the first persons I have known , Loes :)
Thanks for all the help and great tutorials!
JudeP Premium
That's a great list for many of us to take a look at Angelique - and a happy 'anniversary' to you :)
AngelBcn Premium
Thanks Jude :)