Confirm Your Amazon Account Information.?

Last Update: Nov 19, 2016


What would you say about the following e-mail I have received today. I guess it is scam. Sender aka <contact commer dot com>

I've emailed a ticket to Amazon Associate Support, waiting for the response.

As we suspected it is the scam.
Here is the Amazon support Team's response

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Thanks for the warning

Thank you for sharing this information. At least we know better now.

I am thinking scam

Looks like BS to me Andrejs, I get these emails a lot and I think it's a method to try and scam you into logging in and them getting your password. Trash this email.

If you seen mistakes in the ad, you should never give your "informations. No comma after Amazon, no period after Inc. and the short phrase makes no sense. "When you sees something like this, use your best judgements and don't sent information."

It has nothing to do with mistakes in the ad. If they got it totally perfect it would still be a scam.

The return email address is what gives it away.

No good

This definitely looks sketchy to me. I'm sure some people fall for it though.

Yes, this is a scam, a real one would have told you to log on to your account and go to settings.

Thanks for that good info comment, Mike!

Did you get a response from Amazon?

Not yet, they still sleeping I guess. As soon I get I'll let you know.

Thank you and looking forward to it.

I wish more people took that tiny little step of just scanning the sender address. This one is fake for sure. The instant you click that link your whole internet life is handed to the scammer on a plate.

Hi, Chris and thanks for a quick response.
I never open such attached links but who knows maybe someone accidentally also can click.
It's like a Warning Signal.

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