Happy New Year everyone! I celebrate with another step forward!

Yesterday, I got my first check from Amazon on over $1000! I'm so happy to see some physical evidence that everything I have worked for actually works. These are affiliate commisions. I'm not selling any products.

I was a bit concerned that the check would get lost in the mail or take forever to reach my address in Norway, but it took under a week.

Now I have to go to the bank and claim it, and start thinking on opening my one-man company again called 'Enkeltmannsforetak' so the Norwegian tax authority will be happy.

This check does not even reflect the amazing Christmas sales I wrote about in the last blog post, so there will be more Amazon checks coming along shortly. :)

When that is said, I hope Amazon will implement Paypal soon since the check method is a bit outdated in my opinion and difficult to handle. My primary bank doesn't even handle checks anymore so I have to open an account in another bank just for my affiliate checks.

Here is the proof. :) Have a nice day.


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Hate are you getting paid through Amazon? Are you selling products?
LouiseKysm Premium
OMG, such motivational blog!
Thank you for sharing AndreasS!
Elshaddai3 Premium
Thanks for letting us know...As a newbie i am getting motivated....
hhawkins Premium
TLCurry Premium
Congrats Andreas!
Hi Andreas came across your profile from elsewhere and can almost feel your excitement and enthusiasm. Just what we newbies need. Congratulations and long may it last! Sid
viyee Premium Top 200
Congratulations! Thank you for sharing!
Temujin1 Premium
Congrats my friend!
Congrats! That's Awesome. Thanks for sharing and encouraging us newbies.
StevenEsser Premium
Nice success story and good to know there are more Norwegian WA'ers here... Not that I am Norwegian..but I live in Norway, that was my side of the story hehe. Means I can also get this type of checks.. and have to find a bank to get them credited.
Sucess123 Premium
Yes, I'm looking forward to becoming a success just as well. Good for you. congratulations
PierreAlex Premium
That's the kind of success story I want for myself and for others too!
frinkable Premium
Awesome job!!! It is great that you are willing to let us help you celebrate your success. Well done!!!
MAli1 Premium
Congrats Andreas,,
Well done..
Best wishes.
Just a question, when I start making sales how will they know where to send a check?
AndreasS Premium
Hi! Amazon has your address if you have updated it in your 'Account Settings'. Go to 'Change your contact information' on the right side under 'Payment and Tax Information'.

Also double check your 'Your Payment Method' that it is set to Check. I have set the 'Minimum payment threshold' to $2000 since it is quite costly to raise a check in Norway. In addition Amazon take $15 for processing checks....

I hope they turn to other solutions like PayPal soon.