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I'm a 38 years old Norwegian guy living just outside Oslo with my lovely wife and 3 kids. My interests range from photography, drones, 3d, animation, computer graphics, VR, SEO, affiliate marketing, gadgets, gaming, and more.

I work as a Creative Technology Manager at a small engineering company. I make animations, illustrations and do light engineering tasks of our new and existing projects.

One of my hobbies is photography and I have a huge interest in Urban Exploring, also known as urbex. I visit and document old abandoned buildings. This hobby involves a lot of traveling and adventure which I love. I have my own site dedicated to the called LeftToDecay.com.

My newest website is about drones and photography. Visit the site athttps://airbuzz.one/ if you want. Feel free to leave a comment if you want. :)

I have also written an article about the subject on Street Articles: http://www.streetarticles.com/photography/what-is-urban-exploration

I have this profile on Flickr with most of my pictures: https://www.flickr.com/photos/norue/.

When I write this, I'm very new in internet marketing. I have gone through a lot of the training in a short time, and I am satisfied with my own work. I think online marketing is really interesting, and that makes it easy to learn. WA is a fantastic site with great people.

My dream is to work from home full time with this. Only time will show if I manage to reach that goal or not.

Update 1: After 50 days I made my first 6 sales on Amazon! Hurray. :)
Update 2: After 2.5 months I have made 26 sales on Amazon.
Update 3: After 5 months I have made 44 sales on Amazon.com, 1 on Amazon.co.uk and 1 through Shareasale.
Update 4: After 6 months 59 Amazon sales and 1 Shareasale.
Update 5: After 11 months 179 Amazon sales and 1 Shareasale
ONE YEAR WITH WA: 221 Amazon sales and 1 Shareasale!
Update 6: 13 months 387 Amazon.com sales, 10 Amazon.co.uk sales, and 2 Shareasale sales.A

And so it goes. Christmas 2015 had a massive boost in sales compared to the previous months. And in January 2016 I got my first check above $1000 from Amazon. Read about it on the blog. :) A few months later $2500. Now I've earned more than $7000 just with Amazon.com.

Update 7: Dec 2016 - $5600+ from Amazon.com alone in one month.
Update 8: April 2017 - Total of $17100 just from Amazon + other places.

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2018: New site about my drone photography and drones: www.airbuzz.one.

Have a great day!

Best regards,

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1# I'll be happy if I manage to earn enough to cover the monthly WA fee plus a bit more. Lets say $150 a month
2# Above $4000 a month would be ecstatic,
3# 2-3 hours a day.
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Dec 19, 2016
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AndreasS Premium
1# I'll be happy if I manage to earn enough to cover the monthly WA fee plus a bit more. Lets say $150 a month
2# Above $4000 a month would be ecstatic,
3# 2-3 hours a day.
Carson Premium
Hey Andreas,

I'm glad to see that you are taking action here at WA by adding your goals. Success starts with a goal and we encourage everyone who is serious about earning money online and building an online business, to add their goals. Great work!

I know that you will be able to achieve these and I'll do everything I can to help out :)

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Capu1 Premium
Hi Andreas,
Thank you for following me. It is a pleasure to connect with you.
you have an artistic gift. that is wonderful.
I see you have been very active with the community and making profit,,,
Thank you again and looking forward to keeping in touch with you.
jep1061 Premium
Hi Andreas
Thank you for the follow. Congratulations on your success! I am so happy for you and I can't help but imagine you and your family
enjoying yourselves on your holiday. You all deserve it. Keep up with the excellent work and looking forward to hearing some more good news. Cheers Jocelyn
BelieveItYes Premium
Hey Andreas !

Do you mind subscribing to my youtube channel?


It would mean a lot to me. This channel is my dream job : makeup artist

Please check it out and subscribe! and let me know if you need me to return the favor, by subscribing to your channel or anything that can help your business =) I will be happy to do it! :D
Many thanks!!!
Wayne66 Premium
Hi, Andreas. I may have already said thanks for the follow but neglected to hit the green button to acknowledge that I had followed you back. So today is the day I am catching up with all those I have forgotten.

After reading your profile, I can see that you are doing quite well and your earnings continue to grow. I hope that continues to be the case, (I will read a couple of your most recent blogs), and wish you continued success in the future.

Wayne66 Premium
Good afternoon, (your time I think), Andreas and thanks for following me. I will add you to my network as well.

Congratulations on your successes. You are doing well and I think it can/will only get better.

I look forward to connecting from time to time and fall the best to you and your family...Wayne.