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Hi! Has anyone been able to identify what the latest Google December 2020 update hit?One of my big sites have suddenly dumped horribly on the Google rankings a few days ago and I dont know why. Traffic has dropped by more than 50%. It is a Norwegian site in the Norwegian marked called if anyone is interesting to research a bit even if you dont understand the language.One of my main keywords that was high up on page 1 is now suddenly in place 14 and page 2. All other subpages have a
I'm very excited right now. If you are an Amazon Associates affiliate I guess you got the same email as I did!The awesome news is that they open up for linking your accounts in US, Canada and UK so it is even easier to earn money with them! They call it OneLink.I have always thought that it was difficult to choose whether I should pick an affiliate link from or I concentrated my sales on the US marked, but hey... what if a person from UK stopped by? They probably woul
Hi!I'm trying to make a list of GREAT niche sites people here on WA have created. I know many people want to keep them a secret, but I would be very interested to know what kind of awesome websites that this place gives birth to. Eventually I'm planning to write an article about a few of them, so there are possibilities to get mentioned and back links.Write me a PM or paste in the comment section below. I hope to get many sites to chose from. :)I can start with one of my own most successful sit
I'm so happy! I finally got my first commission from Wealthy Affiliate!I usually earn money on the Amazon Associates program, but this tells me that it is possible to earn money from the WA affiliate program too. I haven't really started promoting WA yet, and have only gone through half of the Bootcamp, but I have a Norwegian site I have high hopes for in that niche.It feels good to get some WA dollars on my Paypal account. :) A taste of success.The shopping seasons is coming very soonNow, I'm
Rank for new future keywords!I recently read about a neat SEO technique which I tried out just a few days ago. It was a smart idea that involved ranking for future keywords no one has begun to rank for yet. Sounds weird, doesn't it? How can I find keywords no one is ranking for? It is actually quite simple!People often search for updated product reviews with..... the year. For instance: "best laptop 2016". That particular keyword gets 7179 searches a month.Now, here comes the interesting part a
I did a cool experiment the other day - a massive post with almost 10.000 words...In my latest post on my fitness gadgets site, I featured a total of 130 running blogs. It took a massive amount of time to research and read at least a portion of each blog to be able to write a decent text about each site. I then added a small profile picture of every blogger and added their link and Twitter account. I could have added more social stuff, but stuck to Twitter. I also found the email address to eac
Today I got one step closer to one of my goals - Tesla Model 3!When I started with Wealthy Affiliate one of my goals was to buy an electric car from Tesla with earnings from my affiliate sites. With the preregistration of the Model 3 today I can say I have partly accomplished that goal and it feels great!I recently got a $2500 check from Amazon Associates, and about $1000 was spent on the preregistration deposit.As you might know, the Tesla Model 3 will not be ready to buy until late 2017 or in
I just came back from a fantastic trip to NYC and Hawaii with my family (wife + 3 kids). Being from Norway it is a quite long journey and I had never been in the US before.It was a great experience! We spent the first 5 days in hectic New York City with a hotel room next to Times Square. It was cold, but we Norwegians are accustomed to that. Then we caught the plane to the Hawaiian island Oahu for the next couple of weeks. I love Hawaii and will definitely come back.Here is me and my family rea
Happy New Year everyone! I celebrate with another step forward!Yesterday, I got my first check from Amazon on over $1000! I'm so happy to see some physical evidence that everything I have worked for actually works. These are affiliate commisions. I'm not selling any products.I was a bit concerned that the check would get lost in the mail or take forever to reach my address in Norway, but it took under a week.Now I have to go to the bank and claim it, and start thinking on opening my one-man com
Happy, happy, happy.It's been just over a year since I started with Wealthy Affiliate in September 2014 and joined the Amazon affiliate program, Amazon Associates. Last Christmas my main site was too new to get enough traffic to Amazon so I didn't get a lot of commission from sales. But this year my Amazon Affiliate Earnings are (almost) hitting the roof! :) It shows this affiliate business are really paying off over time. Here is a screenshot from my personal excel sheet showing visually my m