I got a lot of shares and new contacts with my latest post!

Last Update: June 14, 2016

I did a cool experiment the other day - a massive post with almost 10.000 words...

In my latest post on my fitness gadgets site, I featured a total of 130 running blogs. It took a massive amount of time to research and read at least a portion of each blog to be able to write a decent text about each site.

I then added a small profile picture of every blogger and added their link and Twitter account. I could have added more social stuff, but stuck to Twitter. I also found the email address to each and every blogger and made a nice excel sheet to keep track of everything.

Before I published the post I copied the content to a page set to no-index in the search engines. So it was invisible unless you knew the URL.

Then I wrote a quick email to every blogger asking to review their piece of text. Almost half om them replied!

I did a few corrections here and there, but in most cases people was satisfied. It's incredible how honored people are just for being mentioned somewhere!

After I published the finished post I reached out again via email and told the bloggers the article was live. I kindly asked for a comment on the site if they had the time.

I didn't ask for much more, but it has now been shared on Facebook 133times and a lot of times on Twitter too. Here is some of the twitter mentiones:

Here is the link to the post itself:


Also notice the badge at the bottom people can use on their own sites. Many of the bloggers did that too, to proudly show others that they have been chosen for a "best of" list. Cool for them, backlink for me... :)

It took a lot of time but I'm glad I did it. My next posts will be a lot shorter....


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SZev Premium
Wow, now that's what I call commitment! Congrats! BTW, how did you display the code for people to use? Did you create the badge? Great stuff!
theresroth Premium
Excellent work.
PjGermain Premium
Very nice!!!
verazhelvis Premium
It's totally amazing work....Thanks for sharing...:)
Brandy-W Premium
Great job. A great demonstration how hard work pays off!