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Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing great.

Last Sunday my son graduated from Cornell University and will soon start his internship at Google.

We've gone to his graduation ceremony and gone for a road trip, so I haven't updated my website for one week.

However, I kept checking my site data every day and happy to saw it's making good progress.

Since I found my real target audiences 2 weeks ago, my website traffic has taken off. The best times I got over 1K users and nearly 3K pageviews in a day. The bounce rate dropped to 60-70% and the Avg. session duration increased to 3-4 minutes.

Even in the week we were away, I wasn't able to post new articles, my site still had at least over one hundred users a day and most of them were returning users.

Along with that my earning is increasing as well.

Only in two weeks, I have made $121 from Amazon Affiliate and $19 from Google Adsense.

I know it is not a big number, but it is certainly a beginning. Especially most of them are passive Income, I mean, my site generated the money by itself when I was away or asleep.

Every morning I log in to my Amazon Affiliate account and enjoy watching more orders show up.

I also got more organic comments.

I remember when my website just came live I was so worried that my articles were not good enough and nobody would read them.

However, all I heard from my audiences are how they enjoyed reading my posts and thanking me to share the valuable information to them.

My audiences are my biggest inspirations. They encourage me to create more quality contents.

I am in the health and wellness niche, people say it's very competitive. The good news is high competition also means there are more demands.

All I need to do is to keep writing informative articles.

From my experience, I want you to know, EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!

  • Set your mind for a higher level of yourself and don't look back.
  • Don't sell yourself short. You are better than you think.
  • Don't ever give up. If you just start, you have to be aware that it's not a making money quick method. Be patient, the money will come eventually.
  • Find your real target audiences and do your best to engage them will help build your authority.
  • Providing useful information. Help people to solve problems then money will follow.
  • We are in a marathon. Don't rush through. Take your time to learn, to experiment, to practice.
  • Enjoy your beautiful journey!!

Thank you for reading my post and hope you enjoy it.

Have a wonderful day!


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Wow!! Congratulations.

Motivated after reading through your post.

Thanks for the post

You are welcome. Thanks for dropping by.

Go you Amy, some inspiring words and results. Well done.

Thank you, Twack. I appreciated.

Well done you & thanks for posting a really simple, but true message that will inspire everyone.


You're welcome, Duncan.. Thank you for the comment.

That is so good to hear. Congratulations and all the best to you thanks for those encouraging words.

Thank you for stopping by.

Congratulations Amy.

Thank you for sharing.

Best regards

Thank you, Maxine.

You're most welcome Amy.


Thank you.

Cornell alright! that's my alma mater! Far above Cayuga's waters... congrats for your son's excellence and I hope he has a fine career.

cheers Marc

Lol. Great to meet you here, Marc. Cornell is a wonderful school especially its beautiful campus. We love it so much.
Thank you for your kind words.


I am very happy for you! Congratulations on your son's graduation and the Google internship! That is a huge accomplishment. It seems like my son applied for it a few years ago and did not get chosen even though he had outstanding grades.

Thank you for sharing us the great news about your website in the health niche. I've always thought that would be super challenging especially with Google's EAT requirements. (Experience, Authority and Trust). You have worked very hard for this. I wish you continued success.

Sondra, thank you for your kind words.

Google is not easy to get in. I am happy that my son got a chance. I believe that your son will have a bright future as he must be a brilliant boy.

I wasn't quite confident about my niche. So many times I was wondering if I should let it go and start over. But I love the topic and will keep moving forward.

Thanks again, Sondra for stopping by.

I'm glad you stayed with your niche. It is exciting to see it paying off for you.

I am very proud of my son. Even though he did not get hired by Google, he is doing very well.

I hope you have a wonderful and productive week Amy.

Very excited for your success!!!
What is your target market and what are you promoting that they are purchasing??

Hi Carla. My niche is mostly about weight loss.

Hey Amy. I'm really happy for you. With those numbers it's time to ditch Adsense and apply for Ezoic. Good luck!

Thank you Fran. What is Ezoic?

A "real" Ad network. You'll get a 10x higher cpm. Which means you'll earn 10 times more.

Wow, great to know. I will check it out. Thanks Fran.

My pleasure!

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