Here is a preview of coming attractions

Last Update: February 27, 2015

I always enjoy reading the "fortune cookie" sayings after having Chinese food for dinner. Tonight I actually got one that made sense.

Fortune Cookie Logic

The "fortune" said,

"Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions."

When I read this I began to wonder if it was a quote from someone. So, I entered it into Google. Come to find out, it's a quote from Albert Einstein.

Imagination is very important in this business. We need to see ourselves, imagine ourselves, as being successful. But we need to be careful because our imagination can be fragile. That picture of success can leave us very quickly if we allow negative thoughts to carry it away.

Most of us come into this business with strong imagination of being successful. Personally, I get very excited to read the stories of those who have succeeded, those who no longer work every day for someone else but rather spend their days working their own online business from wherever they happen to be at that point in time.

I keep imagining myself in that situation. Since I'm already 63, I am also imagining being able to show my children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and others that they can have a better lifestyle. I intend to succeed.

More Fortune Logic

After reading the first fortune, I decided to open a second. This one said,

"Most success springs from an obstacle or failure."

Well, guess what? This was a quote from cartoonist Scott Adams (Dilbert).

This one goes well with our business also, doesn't it? We work and work, failing time after time. We miss our goals. We don't make money as fast as we had hoped to.

But, most of us need to fail in order to succeed. How else do we learn what success really is?

Just Don't Quit!

Keep your imagination going. See yourself succeeding. Picture yourself traveling when and where you want. Imagine having vacation every week of the year!

Above all, don't let obstacles or failures kill that imagination. It's ok to feel bad - for a minute or two - and it's ok to get ticked off at yourself for not being as far along as you had hoped. Then, get over it and move on.

Remember that success comes out of failures. It's the process.

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DLansing Premium
Your post has motivated me, thank you so much!
AllynBeekman Premium
You are very welcome, Dominic. Glad it was motivating.
Hollywood Premium
Never thought of researching the quotes. I like that. And, your blog was very uplifting especially since today, all I can do is read on WA.
AllynBeekman Premium
Glad it was helpful, Hollywood! Hope things straighten out soon.
Maxiam59 Premium
If you do not fail how can you ever learn all the best
AllynBeekman Premium
Absolutely right! I know I don't learn as much if I never fail. As a result, I don't try to avoid failure.
Heroba Premium
Great and meaningful quotes Allyn!
I'll remember them and for sure I'll move on ;)
AllynBeekman Premium
Good for you, Ron. Keep on keeping on.
danbarth87 Premium
It is the process. Great post, man!
AllynBeekman Premium
Thanks Dan. I appreciate your comment.