Made it to the top 200!

Last Update: February 14, 2015

Hi all!!!

Just saw today that I made it in the top 200 on WA! Yay!

I honestly am not sure how I did it, but it happened. I am super busy with a full time job, a side job, events, website, etc. But since I joined about 6 weeks ago, I make sure I come to WA every day. I did courses 1 through 4 (just need to find time for the 5th one...). And I comment on 4-5 websites a day, trying to answer questions if I see any. I share my frustrations if I have any (Amazon taking me out of their affiliate program was a big one but I am over it now), ask questions too. And guess what? I always get a response from someone.

As time goes by, you recognize people who are often on WA when you are and you build a sense of trust. You comment on their site (even if it's not about something you know anything about) and they comment on yours. Not a "thanks for the info" comment but a meaningful one. Because we need to help each other out. I remember my first few posts on my site. My site was looking pretty bare. But by spending time, asking questions, looking things up, I added content, videos, pictures, created a FB page for it, you name it! Now, I personally think it looks great (well of course I do!). I also remember moments of freaking out because something was not working. Fun times.... Now I know it will work at some point.

I truly believe that in life we need to help each other out. That's the philosophy that I communicate on my site too. And that is how I live my personal life. It's not always about getting a comment back. It's about the experience. I remember something that was in one of the lessons: With your site you want to be seen as the expert and authority in your niche. That stuck with me. I get comments and questions on my FB page. And sometimes it involves me doing research and accomodating and delivering what people want. It takes time, but to me its worth it :)

Have fun everyone

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arobiful Premium
Susiepollard Premium
Super exciting! Top 200! Congrats! What a fabulous community WA is. I love it. Very inspiring.
EricSavard Premium
Wow great! Way to go! Keep up the good work!

I shall follow you in a couple of days to the Top200. Not sure how I did it like you!

Have a blessed night!
Allmyrel Premium
Super Eric!!
JJordie Premium Plus
Congrats on the 200 that is a mile stone. I am glad your web page is coming along so well. I am just editing the content I wrote earlier. Trying to make it more conducive. Best of luck forever
THats the way to do it.