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Hellotrying to write a post but lost all my options in my visual editor, can only write in text. Anyone having the same issues?
Hello all!Hoping everyone is doing fantastic on this gorgeous day :)Quick question: how can I have a store on my site? I would like to sell jewelry a friend of mine makes on my site. Where people can buy directly from my site. Does any one know how I could do that? I know I would need to install a shopping cart but I am not sure how to do the rest? A best option might be for him to set up a shop on Etsy but I want to see what I can do on my end.thanks everyone!Emily
July 01, 2015
Hi everyonewell I have been at WA for close to 6 months now. I cannot believe how time just flew by. I have a great site that is up and running, receiving comments on a daily basis. I have a FB page for my site that is doing awesome. But I am finding myself struggling to find time to write on my site. I have long work hours, with a partner who wants to spend time with me when I get home. I try to be there for everyone but then it ends up leaving me with little time to write posts. And that sucks
February 14, 2015
Hi all!!! Just saw today that I made it in the top 200 on WA! Yay! I honestly am not sure how I did it, but it happened. I am super busy with a full time job, a side job, events, website, etc. But since I joined about 6 weeks ago, I make sure I come to WA every day. I did courses 1 through 4 (just need to find time for the 5th one...). And I comment on 4-5 websites a day, trying to answer questions if I see any. I share my frustrations if I have any (Amazon taking me out of their affiliate prog
February 04, 2015
Hello there well I joined WA almost a month ago and wow does it seem like a lot got accomplished in that month! I read posts by new members and I find myself being able to provide words of encouragement and answer some questions. That's fantastic! Sure having a functional, attractive and content filled site requires time and effort but I am enjoying the process. I have built a following on FB and find myself engaging with people on my page all the time. Such a great time sharing my passion with
January 16, 2015
Hello everyone Well I cannot believe that I joined WA only a mere 10 days ago or so. I already have a colorful and meaningful website with content I add daily. I loved the lessons and learning how to create a website and sharing my experience with a friendly community. I get to share my passion, native beliefs and cultures and truly enjoy writing posts, adding pictures and resources. You can see it here if you want: Now, on to learning how to make money. I