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Last Update: September 23, 2014

Six weeks today! Time for my "accountability" post!

How am I doing?

Well, six is about a different perspective: rising above it all and seeing clearly. There can be euphoria. In fact, in the tarot deck I usually use, there is a six card that shows a ring of people holding hands in a communal circle and flying above...

Sometimes I think it is a "higher" or "more ethical viewpoint: we see clearly when we ask "what would my higher, wiser self think?" Some think about this as the part of us that is connected to God. With the clear viewpoint that is gained, we are able to make good choices.

Before I fly too far away, how does this apply to WA?

Well, I tackled some problems with my website that I'd been avoiding. Not because they were huge or impossible, but because they were "techy" things that usually push my insecure, I-can't-do-this buttons. But I rose above the pettiness and solved the problems... I admit, I tried and couldn't, researched and almost could but not quite, and prayed and then could, but I'm not trying to convince anyone of anything so enough said. :) I am grateful, but also proud of my tenacity. I can hear some of you laughing: how hard can it be to move some text and images around? Well, plenty hard if you are me and afraid the entire time that you will break something, cause some irrevocable damage, set in motion problems you don't even know enough to envision yet. As a counsellor, i recognize this tendency to catastrophize when it comes to certain things. (Trust me, in other circumstances I am seen as calm. I know because I've been told.)

But in this, I get tense. I know the only way past a problem is through it. The rising-above- it-part is useful for gaining perspective, but then one has to get ones hands dirty and do the work!

So, at six weeks, although I recognize that my "baby" is still gestating and not ready for viewing, I am feeling like a good, nurturing Mom and getting excited about the birth. The baby is growing, and someday will be beautiful and perfectly healthy.

Euphoria? You bet!

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jonw Premium
Hi Alice, I just want to 'throw in my 2 cents worth'. 2 things- most of our techie stuff, has so many backups & safeguards built into them that they are really tough toys. ;-) And, please don't fear showing off your 'baby' ok, many of us here will help you in any way that you need, in order to get that 'baby' presentable. Jon
necopam Premium
I hear every word you are saying, believe me All the best
tmmom Premium
Great post! I have never actually given birth to a child (by choice) but I did start a business before and I can very clearly remember when it came to to unveil it, thinking "this must be the same kind of feeling one has when giving birth to child" - sans the contractions, of course!
tribe82 Premium
I don't know; maybe take that baby out and show it off a bit!
Christabelle Premium
I can relate to what your saying as the computer "stuff" is new to me, I have often said I don't want to mess anything up and my fiance will just chuckle and say you"re not going to break anything. lol! And lots of times I will ask God the Father for help, lol! So I can relate to that as well! I have told people that my site is in it's infancy,lol! but it will continue to grow! :) So all of this sounds so familiar! lol Congratulations on all you have achieved! :) Christa