My WA Affiliate Commission Report For August 2018

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Hello to my fellow Internet Marketers!

I'm back with my Wealthy Affiliate commission report for August of 2018. This is my third month doing a commission report, so if you want to see my previous commission reports you can check those out here:

August 2018 Stats

Here are some quick stats for August as compared to my previous month. It was another great month!

Clicks: 3,762 (+645)
Unique Clicks: 2,384 (+258)
New Sales: 50 (+7)
Recurring Sales: 89 (+12)
Yearly Resubscriptions: 4 (+3)
Total New Referrals (free account): 431 (+74)
Referral Upgrade Percentage: 11% (-1%)
Referral Credits: $158 (+$37)

Total Commissions: $3,648.50 (+$503)

Here's a screenshot of my stats:

After all was said and done, this is the lovely email I got to wake up to the other day. The reason there is a discrepancy in my stats and the commissions I actually received is due to pending yearly subscription commissions being released:

The General Upward Trend Continues

Last month my commission report showed a slightly downward trend, but things were back up this month. Websites hardly ever have a straight line up. There will be good months and bad months, but the key is to stay focused on the long-term and keep making the site better. As long as the general trend continues upward, I'll remain happy.

One of the things I REALLY like about the WA affiliate program are the recurring commissions. These recurring sales are really starting to add up, and have helped to push me above the $3,500 mark for the first time. I'm now consistently earning more than $100 per day from the WA affiliate program. This is what I would consider to be a full-time income.

Getting Closer To Vegas, Baby!

Nothing in life is a sure thing, and it's never smart to count your chickens before they hatch, but as long as things stay on the same course I should officially make Vegas in either September or October. I'm super stoked about this! As of today, I just have 36 more sales to go!!

This Didn't Come Overnight

I know this will not be motivating for some of you, but if I make Vegas this year, it'll be the first time I got there. It has taken me a LONG time to get to this point. To be fair, I haven't always promoted WA and I do have other affiliate partnerships on my site, so if I was more focused just on WA I maybe would have gotten here sooner, but this is the most that this site has made by far ever since I started it. Here is my site traffic since I started it back in 2014:

Think Long & Hard About The "Make Money Online" Niche

I started affiliate marketing back in 2009 and went full-time in 2011. Since that time, I have built up over a dozen affiliate sites and I have no plans to stop expanding anytime soon. The "make money online" (MMO) niche has been the most difficult niche for me to rank with. Maybe I just have had poor strategies, maybe I haven't focused on the right keywords, or maybe it's for some other unforeseen reason, but I always try to tell newbies to choose a niche other than MMO, at least for their first site. In my experience, MMO is very hard to rank a new site with, so when people don't see results for months or even after a year or more, it's really demotivating. I know others who have made money at this in a year or less, so I'm not saying it will necessarily take you years like it has taken me to succeed in this niche, but I do think all newbies should seriously explore other industries before jumping into MMO. It is highly competitive.

Why I Promote Wealthy Affiliate

Back when I first started my affiliate marketer training site, my intention was to create a free 7 day affiliate marketer training course where I would simply capture people's email addresses. At that point, I could upsell them on a paid course that I would create. However, I decided to scratch that idea. It was just too big of a project for me to handle and I couldn't keep even the free course updated enough to keep pace with the fast changing world of Internet Marketing.

So, I decided to just find the best affiliate marketer training program I could and promote that instead. I toyed around with a few other training programs before WA and saw very little success in terms of earning commissions or seeing success from my referrals.

After I found WA, I began promoting it and started doing pretty well in late 2016 into early 2017. At that point, I decided to perform a test with another training course, so I quit promoting WA and promoted that other service instead.

Well, that experiment didn't go well. The success rate for my referrals was WAY lower than it is here at WA. I am now fully committed 100% to WA. I simply don't know of a better place to get all the tools, training, and community that is needed to succeed. The fact I get to personally connect with all of my referrals is another huge plus as the other programs did not offer that. When I referred someone, I never knew who they were and could not contact them personally like I can here.

Promote What You Truly Believe In

As with just about every other product or service I promote on my sites, WA is a service I truly do believe in. With so many affiliate programs out there, you should never have to promote something that you don't really believe in. ClickBank, for example, is a huge affiliate platform but 75% of it is junk products. Affiliate Marketing has become much more ethical over the years, but please, only promote products and services that you would recommend to a friend or family memeber. It's a rule I've always lived by and one of the reasons I choose to promote WA. This is where I send my friends if they want to know how to get started with Affiliate Marketing.

Thank You To All My Referrals!!

As always, if you are here because I referred you here, THANK YOU! You should have received a message from me offering free coaching services and I stand by that. You are helping me to earn a living, so it is my pleasure to help you succeed. Affiliate Marketing is so overwhelming at first, and one of the things I like best about WA is that I get to help people just as they are getting started. It's one of my passions in life. If I referred you and you haven't reached out yet, consider dropping me a line!

Thank You To Wealthy Affiliate!

I'd also like to thank Wealthy Affiliate specifically. Not just Kyle and Carson, but everyone behind the scenes that makes this place tick. Because of WA, I am able to work from home and earn a great living promoting something I truly believe in. It sure beats the crappy security, sales, and truck driving jobs I had before becoming a full-time internet marketer. This is one amazing ride and I hope we're just getting started.

To Anyone Struggling

I know reading these commission reports and success stories can be bittersweet. It's nice to know that it really is possible to make money online, but of course YOU want to be the one making money. Rest assured, if you're feeling overwhelmed, you are not alone. Affiliate marketing is NOT easy and it does not come quickly, but it is so worth it. I now live in a nice expensive city in SoCal in a luxury apartment next to the Ocean all because of affiliate marketing. The lifestyle affiliate marketing can provide is real and I wouldn't want to make a living any other way.

You need to reach the point where everyone else would have quit, then you need to double down and work even harder. The fact is, most people here at WA will not make money online, but it isn't due to the lack of resources here. WA provides you with literally everything you need to succeed at this.

Here are a couple other blog posts I made that you might want to check out:

Wishing you all the best!


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I was waiting for your post, Mike! Thank you so much for sharing your progress (and your initial struggles with MMO niche site).

It puts things into perspective. Seems like there's at least 3 new faces for Vegas!! I am so excited for you :D

P.S. Speaking of MMO sites - that's part of the reason, I was heavily focused on my Amazon site... to start making decent income from there and not get discouraged in case my WA site takes a while to get picked up by the big G.

Sounds like a good plan. Diversifying is never a bad thing!

A very motivating post. Thanks for sharing.

You're most welcome and I'm glad it's motivating for you!!

Mike, This is Awesome!


Thank you!! :)

Well done Mike. Keep up the good work. Jim

Thanks, Jim!

I have been following your posts for a while, it is nice to read about people succeeding and yes I look forward to it being me, but it is not my time yet. I have a lot of learning and work to do before I can expect to get there. But to keep up with success marketers reminds me that it is possible. Thanks Can't wait to hear about the Vega adventures. Have fun.

With the attitude you have, your time isn't far off. Most people just get discouraged and quit. I just followed you so please reach out anytime!


Thanks a lot for sharing your report it motivates me a lot. I read your story it's very inspiring... Thanks a lot!

So glad this provided you with a shot of motivation! :)

Great tips and post, Mike. Great share!

Thanks Jason!!

Congrats, well deserved,


Thank you so much!

Congrats man! I left just 1 more to go. The last few is the hardest to wait haha. See you in Vegas soon :)

Jerry, no worries you will be in Vegas too. The only thing left for you to worry is checking on the drinking age regs...Just sayin'


Haha thanks!

Dude, you are KILLING it!!! Absolutely amazing month you had. Not sure if you're aware but there was a pretty large Google Algorithm change on August 1st. It appears Google likes what you're doing. Well done my friend and I can't wait to meet you in person in Vegas!! :)

My traffic suffered in July but it skyrocket in August. That's why I had an amazing month.

Anyway, I'm SOOOOO HAPPY!!! Just made it to Vegas. Gonna blog about it soon :)

Hi Mike- You are going to Vegas!!!! You can do this!!!!
I always think and work like a professional and I believe anyone who is serious about building an online future needs to do the same
Wishing you all you work for and good luck my friend

Thank you for always lending your support Vicki! :)

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