Made It To Vegas!

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I did it!!! I made it to Vegas!!

So... I actually made Vegas on Friday, but I haven't gotten around to post about it until today. Why did it take me so long to post about it? I'm glad you asked!

The reason I didn't post about it until now is because I had an amazingly awesome weekend simply having fun. On Friday morning, I picked up my friend from the airport and hung out all day at the beach. Saturday, we went to a concert which featured the Eagles, Zac Brown, & the Doobie Brothers. Then on Sunday, we went to a Def Leppard and Journey concert. Needless to say, working was the furthest thing on my mind over the weekend. I was too busy having a blast!

But you know what? The sales kept coming in anyway!

Here's how I found out I was going to make Vegas....

On Friday, after I picked my friend up from the airport, we went to a tiki bar in Pacific Beach, a really fun beach area in San Diego. I knew I was getting close to Vegas, but I thought it would be another day or two before I made it. I decided to check my stats real quick and boom, my little plane icon said Vegas!

I began celebrating as my friend looked at me like I was a mad man. I quickly tried to explain what just happened, and he congratulated me and we had a cheers, but I'm pretty sure he had absolutely no idea what I was really talking about. :D

Here's the exact place I was at when I found out I was going to Vegas. Not a bad day at work if I may say so myself!

We stayed near the beach all day until after sunset. The sunsets in San Diego are ridiculous. I'm able to enjoy living in this beautiful place 100% due to affiliate marketing. I feel incredibly fortunate and thank the universe every single day.

As the weekend went on, my friend and I drank good beer and lost our voices at these concerts, all while the sales continued to roll in. That, my friends, is the beauty of affiliate marketing. That is what passive income is all about. My INCOME is no longer restricted by my TIME. I make money whether I'm working or not.

Now, I don't want to give the wrong impression here. it takes a ton of work to get to this point. I've been at this since 2009, didn't go full-time until 2011, and I still usually work 30 to 40 hours per week on my business, even with outsourcing.

BUT, I now have multiple streams of income from several different affiliate partnerships across more than a dozen websites that continue to generate income whether I am actively working or not. I'm confident I could take a 6 month break right now to travel the globe and my business would continue to run just fine. The paychecks would keep coming, and I could pick right back up where I left off once I got back. Sometimes this still doesn't seem real. I even ENJOY doing what I do.

For those of you just getting started, believe me, I've been where you are and I know how it feels. It's like having a huge pile of bricks and someone tells you to build a skyscraper out of them. The task seems so overwhelming. Impossible, even. Just lay one brick at a time. Set realistic but achievable goals. Your first goal might just be to make a single dollar online. That was actually my first goal. I knew if I could make $1, I could make $2. And if I could make $2, why can't I multiply that over and over again?

Once you hit that first sale, make your goal $10, then $20, then $100. Celebrate those goals, turn your failures into lessons learned, and remember that once it finally does pay off, you will have built yourself a residual income. The wait is so worth it.

I knew absolutely nothing about building websites or how to make money online when I first started. I didn't even know what the term Affiliate Marketing was. I mean, I could perform a pretty mean Google search, but SEO? PPC? CPM? HTML? CSS? WordPress? Keyword Research? I didn't know what ANY of that was.

I know this is a saying that is so overused, but I don't know how else to put it. If I can do this, you can too.

So, anyway, I probably went a little overboard here and I don't want this post to come off as me bragging (I always worry about that). I just remember when I was first getting started, there were hardly any success stories and it made me feel like nobody really succeeded at this. Truth be told, most successful affiliate marketers do not go around telling people about their niches, successful strategies, etc. They sit in the background, stay quiet, and let the money flow in. Most affiliate marketers have no intention of giving away their juicy secrets. They're too busy keeping that money for themselves. And can you really blame them?

But rest assured, there are plenty of people making money with affiliate marketing, and good money, too. Getting a paid for trip to Vegas is just the cherry on top. It's a big cherry though, I'm way more excited about it than I should be! :D

I can't wait to meet those who have already made Vegas before me, and I hope many more of you make it before the year is done.

Viva Las Vegas!

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Congratulations, Mike, what an awesome weekend of concerts as well, great way to celebrate, San Diego must be one of the concert capitals of the world.

I think the take-home is that it can be done, enjoy Vegas.

Actually, San Diego doesn't get too many good concerts. Usually the good bands go up to LA and make us drive, but we were blessed with a good weekend of music here. It was a blast and I'm just getting my voice back haha.

Thanks for the kind words Alex! :)

Congrats:) Thanks for sharing:)

Thank you!! :)

Well done!

Thank you! :)

Congrats on your Vegas Vacation, may it go better than it did for Chevy Chase lol. No joke though, what you did is no easy feat and now that you know how to get there I am betting you make it back every year. That's the power of Wealthy Affiliate is it liberates and as you grow you continue growing until all things are possible. You say you live in San Diego, I live in Yuma AZ about 2 1/2 hours East of you. Be nice to meet up in Vegas.

Haha, Vegas Vacation is one of my favorite movies I love it! :D

Ahhh yes, Yuma, AZ! I spent quite a bit of time at the Loves Truck Stop in Yuma back when I was still a truck driver (picked up a lot of produce there). Yuma is an awesome place, but I do not miss that particular truck stop!

Hope to meet you in Vegas someday!

Loves is definitely a place that you can lose love for. This one seems to have staffing issues and that can be rough for long-haul drivers looking for fast and friendly service. I come from a family of Drivers on my mom's side and use to do detailing on OTR trucks so we may have even met already. Small world if we did a great world if we meet again.

Staffing issues and the place always seemed to be slam full with tough spots to back into. Last time I was there was 2011 so maybe things changed, but boy that place was rough haha.

Hey Mike that is great news and what a fun way to learn of Vegas. Congratulations and you will have to tell all to the community when you are back home. Enjoy

Absolutely, I'll have a full report on Vegas once I get back. Thanks Mary! :)


Thank you! :)

Freaking AWESOME Mike!! Can't wait to meet you! :)

12 sites to live in San Diego huh? I have some work to do.

Haha, it's an expensive place to live unfortunately. We call it the "Fair Weather Tax" since we basically pay for the nice year round weather.

Can't wait to meet you as well, we're going to have a blast! :)

YES it's going to be a freaking awesome party, I can't wait to see everyone!!

Congratulations! Have a wonderful time, and I'll be hoping to meet you there in 2020!


See you then, Janelle!

WEhooooooooooo !!!!!!! go, Mike
This is amazing awesome fantastic and totally cool news and you so deserve this. You have worked and built a large online presence and I am honoured to read this post and Congratulate you here at WA where it all goes on :)
I have set a lofty Goal for 2020 and I am working hard every day hoping my fruit will ripen
All the very best Mike and keep on being Awesome

Hope to see you in 2020 Vicki! :)

All the very best GOD bless!

Congrats Mike! Can’t wait to meet you :)

Seriously, me too. Seems like we're going to have a great group this year. See you soon!! :)

Yea man! It's also the first time I'll be traveling overseas with my girlfriend. Really excited!!

You've never been to the US and Vegas will be your first stop? Uh oh. Lol

I've been to US and been to Vegas. Just that haven't been overseas with my girlfriend hehe.

Oh I see, you two will have a blast! :)

I just want to add that I hope we newbies get to sit together. :)


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