Outsource SEO Work 3 Tips For You

Last Update: February 01, 2018

Among all the people who are trying to make a living online, you should know that SEO is one of the best ways to guide customers to your site. But like many people SEO can be a challenging and time consuming job. Not just that you need to learn the researching, optimizing, inbound and outbound linking, the worst thing about SEO is to keeping up to date with the Big G update. That’s why I will strongly suggest you to outsource SEO work to build traffic for your website.
I can’t say that I practise all the work but below are what I am outsourcing and they work for me;

1. Social Connection
Social media is the way to go if you want to leverage on SEO to make money with affiliate marketing. You just need to get people to talk about your website, share your business and spread words about your brand. In short it is to create a buzz and interaction about your online business.
It seems easy but truth be told, you can spend 24 hours 7 and to no avail. I did it before because I thought to save some money and it was the early part of my affiliate marketing business and so I thought,
“Hey, let’s just take this as a challenge. I can still learn something while I was doing it.”
Unfortunately, things didn’t work out and I believe I have wasted much of time trying to put SEO to work. I should have just outsource the SEO work to someone else.
So take my advice and just outsource the work to someone else.
While you are building your social connection, try to get someone to build your Google + channel too. After all, it is Google product. Despite how much Google denies it, they are still bias to their own product when come to ranking on Google.

2. Video Marketing Campaign
Just like social connection, you benefit from video in your SEO campaign by viewers sharing, liking, subscribing and commenting on your video. But you don’t get to enjoy the benefit until you show in the video to the viewers and that’s where the outsource party comes in.
The party should show get real people to watch and interact with your video. I don’t think I need to remind you that Google has its way to tract the authenticity of the views and interaction with your videos. You might get away once or twice with robot but when Google find out about your scheme, you are going to suffer the consequences.
Also, Google nowadays prefer video over text (that’s how I personally see it). My personal experience was that videos are easier to rank compare to blog post. Of course I couldn’t do it without the help of my outsourced talent.
I don’t know how he did it but he was able to rank many of my videos at page 1 within a few days and many of the videos are still at page 1 today (for the particular keyword of course).
It is never enough to build a quality video and have it publish at Youtube. Although you can now publish the video to other video sharing sites but quantity is never the winning factor when come to SEO.
By the way, search engine on its own can’t understand the content of your video. It can understand the title to it but not the content. You can name your video as “Tips To Outsource SEO work” yet the content is about weight loss and the search engine will still rank categorize your video as SEO related.
In order for the search engine to rank your video, the key is to optimize the description, title and keyword. Of course the video content must be of quality and as promise of the title because only then viewers will interact with the video and got search engine to react to it.
So to first timer, optimization might be too much to learn and put into action. Hence the outsourcing.
Besides, submitting to these channels will take time and I’ll suggest you outsource the work. Your time is more valuable than to focus on the monotonous work.
Also, when you are running a video marketing campaign, you have to take note that not all video sharing sites allow a long description. When come to this, do remember to get the outsource company or personnel to rewrite the description for you.
Note: only rewrite the description yourself when the outsourced party is unable to do it because that is what they are suppose to do after receiving your money.

3. Inbound links
Inbound links are just backlinks from other sites and what we have been discussing about social connection and video marketing are building backlinks to your website. But there are more ways to generate backlinsk than the above 2 mentioned and one of the ways is to get renowned or good page rank site or blog to link back to you.
I am not sure have you tried to contact these people before but my experience was that they don’t really respond to you when you are no body or you don’t have anything of interest to offer them. As harsh as this seem to be, sometime this is the reality to this business.
That’s why you need to outsource the SEO work.
Because being in the outsource SEO work industry, the outsourced party will have made their name and should have a good base to work with (assuming the party you work with have been in the market for some time and know what they are doing).
So, why bother getting frustrated over rejection? Just outsource the work and see your backlinks grow.

If you can afford it, outsource the SEO work to real company and preferably a local one so that you can meet up with them face to face if something happen. I have tried outsource SEO work to a popular country starting with ‘I” but the result was not as promise. When I wanted to discuss with them about the work, they fail to respond to me and left me hanging. You can only imagine the anger I had.
Just to be fair, I can’t say you will face the same issue of professionalism for the outsource work that particular country. That’s just my experience and you might want to take heed.
If you are on a budget, you can outsource to Fiverr. The freelances only charge $5 for the job done. You should be able to afford it. Also there are much to explore with Fiverr.That’s All

So, there you go, those are my personal tips to outsource SEO work. Do you have anything to add? All comments are welcome.


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AlexKu Premium
Sorry Markus, I misspelled your name ;(
AlexKu Premium
Thank you Marcus for the valuable tips
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Thanks for these helpful tips Marcus:)
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Thanks, that's a helpful tip
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GlenPalo Premium
I personally outsource very little work preferring to learn the skills necessary. But if I don't have time, but need something done, I will outsource.

I believe it is not necessary to chase SERP rankings based on SEO if we cover basic SEO and focus on giving the user the best experience possible.
AD2016 Premium
I agree with you Glen, thanks for your comment.