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February 02, 2019
Hello everyone! Hope you're all doing well. I wanted to share my stats with you after promoting WA for 5 months and know your opinion about it.I've written 4 posts (~1500 words) per week for last 5 months and here is my result:Sep: Total Referals: 15 / New Sales (Premium referals): 3 / Revenue: $94Oct: Total Referals: 15 / New Sales: 2 / Revenue: $133Nov: Total Referals: 16 / New Sales: 1 / Revenue: $125Dec: Total Referals: 20 / New Sales: 1 / Revenue: $102Jan 2019: Total Referals: 56 / New Sal
December 18, 2018
Hello WAers! ) Hope you all are fine and everything is just great for you.I’m in Moscow from 30 Dec to 15 Jan 2019 and I’m wondering if anybody is here from Moscow? I would like to meet with like-minded people so if you’ve just started your journey in WA, we can meet and I can help you with some tips and if you’re experienced, we can meet again and talk about our favorite business, affiliate marketing! : )So let me know if you live in Moscow then I’m ready to hel
Among all the people who are trying to make a living online, you should know that SEO is one of the best ways to guide customers to your site. But like many people SEO can be a challenging and time consuming job. Not just that you need to learn the researching, optimizing, inbound and outbound linking, the worst thing about SEO is to keeping up to date with the Big G update. That’s why I will strongly suggest you to outsource SEO work to build traffic for your website.I can’t say th
You can’t understand this if you have never stand at the beginning of the road and ready to charge. I have and you are probably seeing the same ahead of your affiliate marketing dream.1. Your Relatives and Friends are always the 1st to put you down. After being in the business for some time, I realised that there are 2 possibilities that they want to chop you down.i. They care about you and don’t want you to get hurt with the unknown. Sticking with the known and tangible job is safe
Sad to say, you won’t find any secret or shortcut in this roadmap to affiliate marketing success, the real roadmap to your affiliate marketing success is to be dedicated and focus.Dedicated is so that you can stand up to whatever the business throw at you and focus is so that you stay grounded with your marketing strategies and follow through.I know that is so cliché and you probably have seen that thousand and one time and I bet you are probably going to stop reading because you t