Recipe For An Awesome Life!

Last Update: October 20, 2014

Hello WA affiliate community. I just wanted to send out some positive energy to all my beautiful friends. I have a wonderful recipe we can all make and the end result equals an AWESOME LIFE! Simply put a large serving of these magical ingredients into your heart, add a dash of glitter, stir and enjoy.

Live your life from the heart and to the fullest +

Laugh and play, have fun, dance and remain innocent +

Imagine the infinite possibilities and potential that is always available +

Dare to step up be be all you can be in this lifetime +

Dream big and hold onto your highest vision +

Believe in yourself and your unique talent and ability +

Inspire each other through living your own authentically inspired life +

Create your reality and never be afraid of taking the first step +

Gratitude is the foundation for all success, give thanks for everything +

Love each other and and keep those your care about close, we are ONE +

= Awesome Life!

Wake up each day with a smile in your heart! Today's a new day and you're alive! Life is full of new beginnings, and this moment is a new beginning for you! What a gift life is!

Have an absolutely wonderful new week dear friends, I am looking forward to continually growing, learning, and reaching higher than ever before. Always remember you are never alone. There is always support everywhere along the journey to success.

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JewelCarol Premium
Awesome post, Abigail, keep it coming ... appreciate, thanks!! Jewel Carol
abigail11 Premium
Thanks Jewel Carol. Blessings. :)))
Hi Abigail;Nice post........Gratitude is a dish best served first thing in the morning!
abigail11 Premium
Blessings and gratitude Tom. Very true, gratitude is the foundation of all success. There is always something to be grateful for. :)))
Moonrock2 Premium
Fantastic Abigail! :)
abigail11 Premium
Blessings and success Herbert! :)))
CarlaIves Premium
Love this post, Abigail! And the photo. . . . I always try to throw some glitter on it! LOL
abigail11 Premium
Awesome Carla! Yes, we can never have too much glitter, hehe. I love it!!!! :)))
bikenhoofin Premium
Beautiful and inspiring, as always!
abigail11 Premium
Thank you Layla. Blessings your way. :)))