I've missed you guys so much.


Hi guys,

I read Mike Kearns post about being sentenced, lol. How true that is. "Don't join Wealthy Affiliate unless you want to become a prisoner for life." Mike you were reading my mail again even while absent...that's scary, lol, thank God you did not visit me in my dreams, I'd kick you out and ban you for life - absolutely, haha, lol.

Guys it has been such a journey and no I'm not an experienced copywriter as I wanted to be - but I know I'm in a great place to learn all that I need to learn to be a successful online marketer and business owner. Like dah. Haha.

That being said...

Man, I've missed ALL of you.

Swangirl: I've not forgot you and your niche because it really is awesome - so try to find a way to forward me your business cards with all your information - all the critters and myself agree with that. We love you because you make us feel better - I'm speaking on behalf of all the small animals because we know that your niche and product works.

Paula: Love your training and your fun to listen too. Diamonds in the Rough, lol, -Diamonds in the Rough...

Linda: Not much to say about you, other than your an Angel in disguise. "I'm truly grateful for you."

Mickey: What am I going to say about you, lol? What am I going to say about you? Your message on my last post was: "Your leaving because?" That's what I love about you - your frankness. Yeap - there is no one like Mickey...love it.

Mark: Now we have Mark...well his wife, his son and the rest of us are all just freakin' blessed and happy to have him in our lives...that's a bit extreme, but for me, that would be true.

Someone else that caught my attention was a lady that said: this not good - something to that effect. There was some truth to that and it is something that stayed with me for a very long time...until now that is...I'm back and I am so ready to move forward with the training and the lessons. Never underestimate Wealthy Affiliate - it's a life sentence - beware, lol. Haha...

To all of you that I did not mention by name, but I know you because I've read your comments...well that is what Wealthy Affiliate is all about. A tight knit community that is not like any other.

Trust me it has been a journey. I now believe that the Universe does guide us. There has been so many valuable weird occurrences that tell me I'm in the right place. I'll leave it at that, lol, I'll say no more.

Last but not least a big thank you to Kyle and Carson's integrity to their commitment to our success.

The final close: I heard from Botipton tonight. To me that is a sign that I'm on the right track. To those that know Botipton will appreciate where I'm coming from. And no better time to return than on Black Friday week.

I'm so fortunate to be here with a great group of entrepreneurs. I am so fortunate!

I'm home, lol, I'm home...now let's go Toto. We have people to meet and a business to build. Cause we is not in Kanas anymore.


Becky and Toto - yes, I had to include Toto, lol.

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Hello dear Becky!

Hope you are doing well!

Wish you a marvellous Christmas time and a happy, healthy and flourishing New Year!

:-) Pernilla


And you to have a wonderful time finishing 2017 out with a bang.

Keep pullin weeds, lol.

Good to hear from you again.

Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR with your family and friends.



you just couldn't say away (o: New you would be back sooner then later..........yes! missed you.......Me well I haven't been very active of late. I guess I need that push you always seem to send out you are a diamond in the ruff Becky a one of a kind. good to have you back
always a better way
Love yu

Hello Linda!

How great to see you again! Have missed you around!! As I saw your comment I just thought I have to say hello.

I have myself been less active in the WA community during the last month. It is just so much work during this time of the year.

Hope you are fine!

Wish you a wonderful Christmas time and a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!
:-) Pernilla

There is absolutely no one like you my friend.

No, I could not stay away. We are in this together, lol.

Talk to you soon.



Becky!!!! OMG! It's so good to see and hear from you. I thought about you a few times recently and meant to email you. Sorry I didn't get to that (my bad) but it is great to see you here again. I was wondering when you would be back. I missed your wonderful writings and great attitude.

I have not been as active in the community as when you were here. You can see that by my rank now. I had to decide what was more important and my biz won the vote. As you know I have a small amount of time to actually work the biz, so diving into it and not so much in the community, was a decision I had to make. I still review all my emails from the folks here and do what I can. But hey, I joined to build that business, right! I spend so much time on the backside of my website. Now, finally, I'm moving forward again on more content. Have some good stuff coming for those who like my niche!

Anyway, enough about me. It is a real pleasure to see you here again! Very happy!
I'm sure we will talk again soon!!! I'll bet you are anxious to get back in action.

Until next time...

Luv ya!


Hi Mark,

You have to do what feels right for you. When it comes to this online business there will always be comprises, and decisions that you have to make and do what works and is best for you. Nobody else is going to do it, but you. Mark you said it. You joined to build a business and that is what you are and have done.

It's almost like a small child, isn't Mark? You have to care for it like it's alive - which in turn - it truly is because you need to tend to it on a regular basis. Burp it, watch over it, late evenings, early mornings and most of all... feed it so that it grows up strong and healthy.


Well Mark, I'm about to do the same thing and I really don't care about my rank, either, heck I'm up in the 10,000s now, but most of all and I'm just happy to be back.

I'm more determined to dive into affiliate marketing more than I was in the beginning. I like the Black Friday special. The rate I was paying monthly - converted into Canadian dollars was very expensive. It was manageable but Black Friday is a much better offer. So with that out of the way, I'm able to relax a bit more and concentrate on building a business whether it's promoting Wealthy Affiliate or a niche idea and less time concentrating on the monthly payment.

It's all good, to good actually...

Mark, what I truly admire about you as a person is how quickly you manifested your website. Your a real go-getter and that is very admirable. Your the bomb.com my friend. I'm honoured to stand along side you as a marketer and I absolutely love your drive.

Any whoooo... it's good to be back and I feel right at home. Like Mike Kearns said: Sentenced for life, lol. He's absolutely right.

Kindly your friend,


Hello Mark!

Nice to see you too again!
Yes, we have to work on our business!
Hope you are doing good.

Onwards and upwards!
:-) Pernilla

Hey Pernilla!!! Awesome to see you here as well. Yes I've been a little quiet on WA. Still here but not as caught up in the community as I was before.

Hope things are going very well for you. I see you're in the top 200.
Good job!

Thanks for saying hello! It's always good to hear from you!

Mark :0)

So great to get a message from you!!!

I'm veery busy with my business now. I suppose my ranking will drop a bit, but I try to keep up some communication here and there, just not to lose the connection totally.

Wish you a prosperous business and an wonderful Christmas Time.

I just saw your picture and was sad the other day being reminded you were gone! I am so glad you are back!

Thanks for the kind words here! I will have kick it up a notch and get those business cards made! I am thinking they should say something general about my site like, "http://Thrivingcat.com, Innovative and Effective Pet Health and Nutrition" but then it would not address the small animals you are focused on....I am not sure which way to go on that.


Yes, or perhaps I could do some business cards up for you. They are fairly cheap to do. Oh, yes, I had to reread that statement about http://thethrivingcat.com issue. Well that is easy to fix just include it somewhere on the card that it's good for small animals too.

Jessica, check out the small animal forums, there are a lot of people that would be grateful for your product offer.

Get back to me and let me know what you think.

One more thing I have to ask you. Do you have an Amazon link for Canadian buyers? That's good to know as well. I could research that myself, but I'll leave that with you instead, lol.

It's good to be back my friend.

Talk to you soon.



Hi Becky, I wasn't asking you to make me cards I was just trying to figure out what to put on them.

Yes, I had signed up for Amazon Canada but didn't make any sales and they closed it...I would have to sign up again.

No, I understand, I just wanted to help, but you will figure it out instead. I was going to have you design them being its your niche or business. That being said maybe you could send ten cards by courier of choice instead of a load of them. It's totally up to you.

As I mentioned before, it's yours to figure out - I'm staying out of it, lol, but I will help you in anyway I can.

Enjoy your week and it's always a pleasure to hear from you Jessica.

Kindest regards,


Thanks for offering!

Hi Jessica,

I'll do whatever I can to help you succeed.

I have big faith Jessica. I think you have figured that one out by now, lol.

It maybe slow, but it will be steady. Things like this take time and cannot be rushed, much like anything else that has any value to it.

I know how much time you have invested into your own belief and passion with regards to this product. People need this but the pets need it more.

Karma and the Universe work together Jessica and I believe in you. Whatever good we do on this planet has a way of working on our behalf. Opening doors that you cannot open by yourself.

Keep your nose to the grindstone and you will be victorious.

Kindest regard,


Thank you Becky. I have gone downhill on my site this week but got two sign ups for WA so I sure can't complain! It is always good to be able to bring some money to pay the bills!!!

That's the whole idea. Making money, lol, and helping the masses. Hey, I have to tell you something. One of my clients has a Hershel bag, lol, it's a small backpack, very small but non the less a freakin Hershel Bag . I'm too lazy to go into your blog post to confirm the name, but I'm sure it's Hershel.

It's the story that is on one of your blog posts about the lady from England who was down and out and started the idea from some cereal boxes.

Anyway, a freakin Hershel bag, lol, of all things. A frekin Hershel bag. What an amazing entrepreneurial story. And I recognized it immediately.

Amazon sent me an email to rate the Pet Alive product. Gave it five stars and "ahem," I told them it was good for small animals too. My hamster says bye. Just keepin yah updated. I have not heard him sneeze for awhile now. At first his sneezes were frequent, so I just increased his dosage.

Every dose will be different depending on the degree of the respiratory problem and maybe even the size and gender. The last hamster I had was a female, smaller and required less, so my story and experience with the product is hot of the press, lol, like literally hot of the press.

Anyway, he is doing just great which means peace of mind for me and feelin great for him. Hence a very, very happy hamster.

Again, just giving you a heads up.

Kindest regards,


Thank you Becky! I have been extremely busy with the holidays (today is our Anniversary and Thanksgiving Day was also my Husband's Birthday and his parents were staying with us).Then last week they stayed with us again.

I am also in the middle of my very busiest season at work since the oil companies all need water to build the ice roads on the North Slope.

Then suddenly I had a bunch of inquiries from friends about health issues since the word is getting out that I am very interested in vitamin and mineral supplementation. I decided I should just start my nutrient website now since it will save time from explaining all this to each person over and over individually. It will be easier to have a website they can go to and read about all this.

So, I took the plunge and bought Nutrientcures.com I can't believe I got such an awesome domain name!

My first post is up already!

After the holidays I look forward to having more time to work on my sites...that is different 'sites' plural!

I have been talking to these friends on a daily basis helping them. One is a good friend whose wife (only about 30) got shingles and now has neurological problems afterward. I am suggesting naturopathic doctors and tests for things that could have been triggered by the Shingles as well as looking into what minerals can help. Another has sever auto-immune disorders and inflammation and anxiety. She is the wife of one of my husband's co-workers. She requested a face to face discussion to help her navigate choosing supplements. I feel like an on call doctor. Of course I have to put "I Am Not A Doctor" etc. etc. on everything now.



Thanks for sharing. I miss you too. Welcome back.

Diddo and it's good to be back, bigrog. There is nothing like Wealthy Affiliate. We are in a great place...

Thanks for your kind words and for taking the time to drop by to say hello.

How are you doing, by the way?



I'm fine.

Welcome back we miss you

Diddo my friend and thanks, and absolutely it's great to be back. I really did miss every single one of you. If there is anything I can do to help you give me a shout.



Hi Becky
You were quicker than I thought. I thought you would return.
Welcome back!:-)

Yes, quicker than a bolt of lightning, verazhelvis. You knew I'd be back because you know value when you see it. You guys are precious to me, lol. Wealthy Affiliate withdrawals are something that you never want to experience. We start together - we finish together.

Inside my heart I really knew I belonged here, but than I always learn the hard way, always, lol.

You make me laugh...and it's great to be back.

Here's to your successes - a big thumbs up!

Onwards and upwards my friend, onwards and upwards. If there is anything I can help you with please let me know.

Thanks for dropping in to say hi, verazhelvis, your a special lady. It shows on your face and in your voice.



Yep, Becky. No way to find anything like this in one place... Onwards and upwards,to better us, and to our better lives.:)




Oh, what a thing to realize that I missed so many wonderful Wealthy Affiliate members before I landed.

Thanks for the news of your Re-entry with Black Friday offer.

Awww...your precious - you know a great deal when you see one too, lol.

Yes, being able to move in on the Black Friday offer was a win, win, and even better than that is that Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to be when it comes to building an online business - the best, the best, THE BEST. Where else can you get hands on training and be connected with like minded entrepreneurs?

Phakacha, I'm proud to stand next to Kyle, Carson and to be part of a wonderful community that I can actually call my home.

Great to see you and I wish NOTHING but tremendous success for you and the rest of the online community.

You have a very nice smile and thanks for dropping in to say hi.

If there is anything I can do to help just give me a shout.



Thank you so much for your sweet words and encouragement.

Yes, I'll surely connect you when stuck or anything necessary.

Have a nice day.

You bet - we are absolutely in this together phakacha8.

You have a great day too.



Yes. WA is a wonderful community

Not much to add to this comment because you have already said it...

Thanks for confirming what I already knew lol. Let me tell you it was a journey and still is. Does not intimidate me one bit.

It use to intimidate me up till now. How can I make this opportunity happen faster? Well I went on a journey that told me that it takes one step at a time, and the end result will be awesome.

If there is anything I can do to help you just let me know.

Here's to our prosperity- cheers.


Thank you very much.

Your very, very, welcome, StunningBell, your very welcome.


Dear Becky!!!

How wonderful to see you again!!! Veeery Welcome back. Have missed you an awwwful lot. Believe me or not, but last week, you came in my mind and I was wondering how's it going for you. You've really got a unique nature and the WA-community just needs you!!

Yes, WA is absolutely outstanding, caaan't stay away for even a day. Hope you could benefit from Kyle and Carsons irresistible Yearly-offer, if not, you have to go yearly next Black Friday.

Sooo good that you listened to the Universe!
Restart the engine and get launched out into the internet space!
Looking forward to continue the journey beside you!

:-) Pernilla

Me too my friend, me too.

I stand by you 100% Pernilla and I'm grateful to stand shoulder to shoulder with you on this journey called the Wealthy Affiliate offer.

Keep pulling weeds, lol, keep pulling weeds.

Yes, I took advantage of the Black Friday offer - absolutely- it's an outstanding offer, but than nothing but the best from Kyle and Carson, nothing but the best for their commitment to our successes.

Love yah much my friend and I'm home, lol, I'm home...

As I've said to others, I'll say to you...if there is anything I can do to help you - ever - you know where I am.

Gratefully yours Pernilla,

Becky and Toto :)

Yes Becky, pulling weeds, that's what I'm doing ;-)

You are climbing the rank quickly!!
Onwards and upwards!

Onwards and upwards.



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