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So Wealthy Affiliate’s I hope this blog post finds you well. I'm not going to go into a long post here. It's going to be pretty brief, and to the point. That being said, this will be my second year of just wishing upon a star so to speak. I debated upon whether or not to purchase another year with Wealthy Affiliate and here I am on the second last day of the Black Friday offer. This will be my very last year to seriously move forward here. Throughout my time here at Wealthy Affiliate
August 05, 2018
Yes, Wealthy Affilator’s that right. It's time for another Birthday celebration. So, feel free to drop a like, like, comment to like, like, celebrate another birthday with...STEFAN ToLiNoLiIf you’re not familiar with Stefan ToLiNoLi than in my opinion you are missing out. For the rest of us which there are many here at Wealthy Affiliate that know him, we know him as a fun friend with a great sense of humour, lol. So, by a rare chance that your not a friend yet, go over and check
Hello Wealthy Affiliates,I hope you guys are doing great things within your online businesses. I also hope that your bank accounts are overflowing every month from your affiliate programs, Shopify Stores, Drop Ship Stores, niches, etc., and that your email lists are growing daily.While I was surfing the internet for some “Affiliate Programs,” I came across a review by a person who’s name is Nathaniell. And yes, he is here within the very walls of Wealthy Affiliate.So, I was
November 29, 2017
Hi guys,I read Mike Kearns post about being sentenced, lol. How true that is. "Don't join Wealthy Affiliate unless you want to become a prisoner for life." Mike you were reading my mail again even while absent...that's scary, lol, thank God you did not visit me in my dreams, I'd kick you out and ban you for life - absolutely, haha, lol.Guys it has been such a journey and no I'm not an experienced copywriter as I wanted to be - but I know I'm in a great place to learn all that I need to lear
September 21, 2017
Yes, my friends from Wealthy Affiliate, that's right, I've made my decision to leave. (I have to tell you, in the beginning stages, it was not an easy decision to make.)One thing that I've learned from this experience here at Wealthy Affiliate is that my time hasn't been wasted at all. What I've taken away from this experience is that I have found my true passion, and that is to write. (My bio profile really says it all...)In the interim, while away, I will be learning all that I can about ho
September 18, 2017
Hello friends,This online business is real, I've never researched so much in all my life! Never mind how much work and time that it takes into creating content. Crazy, wow, good! And anyone that decides to try is crazy too, haha, just joking. It's a great experience and I'm having a fun time with it all. (I find that I have to get away from it for a few days, but something is always brewing, so to say.I always return feeling refreshed and ready to go another round, to say the least. Well,
Hi guys, As a part-time online business owner/builder, blogger, and an entrepreneur, I thought that it was my responsibility to let you like minded entrepreneurs, know about what is working for me thus far, what is not working for me, what exercises I do before and after an online IPad session (which usually turns into a "typing marathon," over here at the "Wealthy Affiliate University of learning,") and simply just a follow up from the last post. I do not want anyone to experience this kind
August 07, 2017
Hi guys,I'm popping into say hello and update you about my current injury created from holding an iPad without a proper stand.Ever since last year of 2016 I've developed a Frozen Shoulder. I've had my iPad for three years and I use it every day. In fact we had to increase our usage to unlimited, I know, lol, yes, I love my iPad. Anyhow, I went for acupuncture and the acupuncturist told me I had a Frozen Shoulder. I than decided to see a doctor about it, we did an ultra sound, and it was conf
Hi guys,I hope your all doing great. I've had to turn off my email notifications for obvious reasons, lol. Can't keep up with the emails. I had 2000 plus to delete this past Friday. It took me something like an hour and a half. I wanted to hire someone to do it for me, hence the reason behind the 2000 plus emails. I know have only 13 emails in my inbox and I love it. So, today, I decided to take a look at my monthly credit card statement (WHICH I never do,) but something told me to (than
I have been sorting through my emails for the last couple of days and have been concerned about the progress of my website. (Nonetheless, I'm determined to reply to my email alerts,) then I received a congratulations alert saying that my website has just been indexed by Google, while fearlessly wading through my emailsThat's crazy and I'm literally shaking!Why? Because I've not done anything to warrant this milestone! I managed to get some keywords wrote down in preparation for next week to a