OMG - Someone using my Business name within their Google search. what can I do?

Last Update: January 26, 2016

I just notice after after all my hard work over the past few months that another backpackers is piggy-backing off my business name to bump them selves higher in google... what can I do? Our hostel is

I love co-opertition and friendly competition... but not fiercely competitive... but this is I feel in bad taste... We are a small community of around 10,000 population untill we have our 'Kiwifruit Harvest season" and then we swell to another 15 - 20 K more backpacking travelers in search on work. We are a little guy with at most 56 beds and while they are expanding to 500+ beds... this is their new link...

Kiwi Corral Te Puke Backpackers Hostel

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actually, if they are stealing from your site with a hook on the link, no matter what, this is fraud. Take them to court sister! Not only is it damaging your image, but regardless of their name, this is an infringement of benefits as well as Copywrite laws.
4GoodBuy Premium
Hey Thanks for the support - actually I counted to 10... then thought actually they could not have given us a better compliment... they are the big boys in the playground but feel the need to incorporate our name into theirs... even though our customers are often confused - perhaps it will actually work in our favor anyway... I am very active marketing and have many benefits that they don't... following with interest cheers for now Tracey
MsMoneyHoney Premium
My two cents - reiterated -
1) I'd definitely remove the live link you have using the very location in your link. That alone is providing link juice to their site.
2) I understand that Te Puke is the name of the town, so, no, I do not believe you can do anything about their use of the town name, but you can use "kiwi corral" in your keywords on your site.
3) You can keep on differentiating your site because they truly do not look similar.
4) You can purchase similar domains or partial name domains to theirs and build them out as mini-sites (legal? yes - unless and until you were to receive a cease and desist order depending on any trademark infringement which I doubt anyway. There's no way they're going to legally trademark the word "kiwi." It's a fruit.
5) You can state on your site "not to be confused with kiwi corral." if you truly feel that they are confusing potential customers.
6) You can ask for and list genuine testimonials from your customers.
7) Go to kiwi corral, as a guest, and acquire info to a) further differentiate, b) build knowledge to compete more effectively.
8) Apply and obtain any type of "official" seals such as the Better Business Bureau or similar in New Zealand. Also, conduct research to read more about their services / complaints.
9) Keep reiterating that your service is "personalized" for a better backpacking experience, etc..
10) As another member mentioned, keep on providing good relevant content and focus on your readers/customers. You may even offer a discount code to entice new customers. Post it everywhere especially on mini-sites. And, if they run one, you can state you will honor theirs.

In short, you can either ignore them completely, or compete better. This is business. And, no, there is nothing you can do to prohibit them, or anyone, from using the location / town name in their marketing or seo efforts.
KeithHughes Premium
I've never heard of this and don't like the sound of it. I not sure what to do about it, but I would report it to google. Kyle or Carson should have the answer if you can't find it here.
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Just a thought, have you thought about doing the add it as a sister site link the two. Just a thought.
Dmorrow Premium
I know that some of our ambassadors would know how to help you with this. Maybe send some pm's asking for advice.
AriefWibowo Premium
Differentiate from them and just keep focusing on your niche. Google love good contents. Keep writing.

Give better service. More personal service. Big company can't give that.
ConeyM Premium
There is a way out...check this link as it is very helpful.
When Business Names Confuse Consumers: The Basics of Trademark Law
Good luck!
Loes Premium
Use theirs? They have a hostel, it is nearby the Puke, and they are called Kiwi Corral, and you can book a bed as backpacker. I don't see anything wrong in it. Perhaps your businessname is to global? I guess you can't claim the name The Puke, neither can you claim the name Backpackers
MsMoneyHoney Premium
Yes, I agree with Loes. Your domain name is a keyword domain. You can still use that, but if your business name is actually different, I'd make sure that your actual business name is at the top of your site. Either that or purchase your business name domain, build it out a bit, and put a link to your keyword domain blog.
KatieMac Premium
No very ethical sorry I do not have the experience to give you a solution I take it they have done an article that picks up your traffic as when you click it takes you to a different url kiwi corral
TJamil Premium
I'm just wondering. I'm thinking as to whether it's possible to report this to Google and explain what has happened?