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December 08, 2017
Co-living solutions could have us all Cruising into Affordable Homes[... to my fellow WA members who know me - I am working on a new project and looking for constructive criticism… this is a post About a new campaign to share with people and potential partners who may be willing to come on board as share equity partners and or impact investors…]I'm fond of the definition to cruise... as to 'do something well or effortlessly'... planes fly at a cruising speed of ... or to drive, r
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After hearing and seeing what others are doing to market WA I decided to make an attempt myself.I created a simple free website, re-tweeting someone else’s, and personalising it to suit me. I also created my first Facebook add, $15, and directly shared via my own sites and few groups I follow. also noticed that over the past 2+ years while I have a few (36) referr
Pay Day - Affiliate Marketing worksWahoo... and my husband said ... "so you think you are going to make money with that thing? - Yeah right... I will believe it when I see it..."Well here it is babe ... showing up in our bank today!24 Jul 2017Direct CreditCruise RepublicAffiliatecom As Per Email Cruise RepubOn Mon, 24 Jul at 5:41pm$198.45While it may not make us rich overnight it is "Residual Income"... from online business activity that I built and marketed, in my free time, for fun - in addit
I have been approached via FB messenger (Yesterday Tues 4 April), by a few people (three women) claiming to be Managers of HQ Solo Ad, love to hear any and all feedback. I suspect they may be targeting newbie in Internet Marketers, especially WA members who are promoting WA.Are they Legitimate. Recommended. Questionable, or promoting just another Scam etcI will present here actual Facebook profiles is up to each person to conduct their own investigation / research necessary to satisfy your own
How easy is this....? Could this be the next global phenomenon? Yes charity can be easy, and yes it CAN and should start from home... lets think more about what we CAN do.... and less about the 'problems or barriers to success'. Why not collaborate and create solutions from our own homes... grass roots ... solutions for local problems.Who is guilty of overthinking problems?LUNCHBOXES for Schoolchildren... CHALLENGEOur schools LOVE the idea of sending an extra healthy lunchbox with our school ch
Breaking my Heart - inspirational song, a story by a boy who can not talk, has disabilities and is bullied.My latest project is truly an inspirational one. I am mentoring this young 19 year old man in my community I truly think WE could be his ticket to help enable him to achieve his goals, - his story is - well how about you listen and tell us. Oh and if you agree with me and find it inspiring the please follow the links provided and VOTE (everyday if you can till the 31 May)... Brent needs
Hello to all my WA friends - I am on leave tomorrow I am off on a 10 day 'marketing cruise' for Please welcome Lindsey a new administrator I have introduced to help work on 2 of my other my websites. and the newly established one www.seasonalworkerz.comLindsey is a lovely lady with similar visions as mine. I'm sure this is not typically done on WA but if she accesses or communicates with you - please make her feel welcome and help her in any way you
I just notice after after all my hard work over the past few months that another backpackers is piggy-backing off my business name to bump them selves higher in google... what can I do? Our hostel is love co-opertition and friendly competition... but not fiercely competitive... but this is I feel in bad taste... We are a small community of around 10,000 population untill we have our 'Kiwifruit Harvest season" and then we swell to another 15 - 20 K more backpacking
Help I'm being burred in paperwork I know there is a sea of databases out there - I'm in search of a really good one, preferable one that also offers an affiliate program - perhaps someone in our WA community can help?Hi there friends - those who know me know that I have been less active these past few weeks, I'me still here and now about to further grow my Job Finding Service that I wrote about a few months ago our business is now hea
This is a difficult post to write and hope I am not breaching any WA rules with this post. I would really appreciate some sound actions as to what I can do - and seek justice.I found recently someone has used my photo I took of myself, my hubby and a friend and has been used to set up a bogus Facebook profile for the sole purpose to bully and abuse our friend who appears in my photo with us - what can we do? following is my website and my