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Last Update: Feb 9, 2019

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I want you to know you're listening to a 65-year old who will be in March of this year '19. Why do I want to share with you this information? Because in the past ohh 5-6 years I had subtle aches and pains and brought this up with my family Doc.

We ran test on my problem and low and behold there were traces of arthritis in my neck and elsewhere. One specific area my shoulders. I got off work and went to see a specialist and he had me do a Cat-scan. Not sure that's how it's called but you get the idea.

Again, results came out that I had arthritis in my shoulders but apparently was not an issue for the pain at the time, was not unbearable but bothersome. I used my workman's comp for this pain and saw a Bone Specialist. Doctor says don't try to fake this pain, for investigators might perceive it as fraud and look into your claim.

I understood it for I knew I did not make it up.

The problem was that this Doc saw a person , me, who appeared in fine shape and maybe he felt I was lying about my pain. I felt his opinion and belief was fair enough and really wanted to warn me of the underlying problem, if I was trying to cheat the system, Hope you know what I mean.

Months later I suffered a dislocated shoulder injury. I was playing basketball and to make the story short, I had another cat-scan and found chips of broken bones near and around the socket that held my arm in place.

I had a black and blue that went from my left elbow to half of my chest. The color of it was a deep purple similar to an Okinawan sweet potato. Very unsightly.

My Specialist Doc, now knew I wasn't bullshitting it.

This injury required a $10,000 surgery, I am at home as of this writing and seeking Physical Therapy and improving my arm movement.

Please stay with me, this will get exciting going forward.

Now I want to add another story and I promise this will all come together, I promise.

My Dentist as she was cleaning my teeth mentioned my teeth was getting brittle and needed calcium so she recommended I take calcium pills. That was logical. She tells me to do whatever it takes to strengthen tooth enamel otherwise I will eat with my gums.

I just wanted add this in for you to see the whole picture.

At this time folks if you have read my recent post, I have lost 25 lbs in 1 month and so I wanted to learn more of the diet I was on so I went online to learn something new.

I went on the YouTube and happen to come across a video of a man, not a Doctor, who went to see his Doctor after they had just took cat-scans on his heart and he had a clogged arteries and Doc said he had 4 years to live. No surgery will save him. In so many words Doc recommended he take care of his paperwork, etc. and get ready to die.

He was shocked and he mentioned to his Doc, "I got myself into this problem, I will get myself out." To make a long story short he found out through his unrelenting research for the answer.

He found out that what caused his clogged arteries with calcified plaque was the lack of a little known nutrient vitamin K-2.

Here's what K-2 does for you.

1) Builds bone density- you heard right it actually increases bone density. So it helps people who have osteoporosis, like me. I will see if my bones will get stronger while I'm strengthening my bones through physical therapy. OSTEOPOROSIS NO MORE FOLKS!!


2) Unclogs calcified/plague in arteries. It helps to clear out the plaque in arteries. This is awesome big folks, do you see the magnitude of what I just said? We have a cure and you're looking at it.


3) Strengthens teeth enamels and removes plaque on your teeth. What's more it CURE CAVITIES! Yup, you heard right.

Do I need to repeat it again? Let me know.

4) Help improve insulin production. Long story I won't get into that.

5) Alzheimer / Dementia- science have found a link to improve this disease.

6) Blood pressure. Help lowers blood pressure.

7) Prostate Cancer - I can't explain it, don't know how it's done.

So for those who are at my age and know little of this SUPER VITAMIN. Please do your own due diligence and find out about this awesome nutrient and share it with the world.

Thank you for dropping in. If you have an opinion, etc. Please add on to this blog. Mahalo my friends. I love you'all!

Frank =)

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I think like Louise below me this is an extremely important information 73 in March by the way, so we share the same birthday month, I think it well worth me taking a closer look at K2. Thanks for your post, and best wishes on your recovery.

Wow! This is an exciting breakthrough! Thank you very much for sharing it Frank!

I shall be looking into this K2 - never heard of it, but am so glad I have now.

Speedy recovery my friend!

Thank you and bless you!

Hee hee... I knew you'd like it.

Just an aside my dear friend, the Japanese NATTO a fermented food source has the highest amounts of K2 THAN PILLS ETC.

But you have to get it through your nose. You'll find it at an Oriental food store. Goodluck!

THIS IS A HUGE LIFE CHANGING MOMENT for me and I hope it is for you.

Healthfood stores will have it!



Thank you Frank I'm going to check into adding this. I hope you are recovering.

You are so welcome, I'm so glad I got to reach you. This info is so important and I'm sure when you look into it, you will be able to save loved ones with problems I have addressed.

Thank you for your concern of my injury, i really appreciate it.

Please go and check out K2. I know you will learn an important life changing information. I am confident Mick!

Aloha and mahalo from Hawaii!


Thanks for the informative article. I've got so many problems with my issues and hopefully I'll find something that will help me.


I remember your history Danny, check my post out and do your own research. I think you'll find this beneficial to your concerns!

Goodluck Danny!

frank =)

Thank you

Cure for cavities, cure for bone disease, cure for clogged arteries, what more can you ask for.


Take care Danny!


Thanks for the heads up on K2, I am going to research this vitamin. Hope it will give You some relief and health benefits for You quickly.

Yes, research it, thank you!


Oh, Frank, I have so many opinions about medicine. I am an RN. I am appalled By the lack of medical knowledge.

The point is; we have to research and find the answer for ourselves because American medicine is a cookie cutter business.

If you think there is a problem then there is a problem.

All the best to you my friend.


Laura, thank you for sharing your history.

I am still looking into this K2. As mentioned in my post my Dentist recommended me to take Calcium.

I have found out that Vitamin K2 is the nutrient that takes the Calcium to be absorbed into the bones, kinda like a gate keeper. Hope you know what I mean.

So after reading and watching videos from these Docs, they are saying that the calcification of plaque in the arteries is due to the absence of K2 that is causing osteoporosis.

I think my Dentist who I think is awesome maybe telling her clients, me too, that could be wrong.

I don't think my Dentist know about K2.

If she did, she'd be worried about losing customers because CAVITIES WILL BE CURED!??

Only wondering my friend!

Thanks for posting my RN friend!


Correction Laura, this is what I said,

"So after reading and watching videos from these Docs, they are saying that the calcification of plaque in the arteries is due to the absence of K2 that is causing osteoporosis."

I meant athreosporosis, hope I spelled it right. What I meant to say it clogs the arteries with plaque caused by the calcium that had no K2 to deliver it into the bones, went straight into the veins. Not good!

Thank you.

I will definitely check this out since it will also play a part in my spice rubs that are designed to be beneficial. I hope you are on the road to recovery.

I would. A cure for blocked arteries, cure for dental decays, helps high blood pressure people, sure to strengthen bone density. Proof it helps improve Alzheimer and Dementia.


your brother!


I am so sorry to hear of your health issues Frank! I am really glad you shared this though! I take K for other reasons but I didn't know it had these benefits. If I don't take it I get hemorrhages in my eyes. K helps with clotting.

I am very passionate about the topic of clogged arteries and calcium because I learned that magnesium is necessary to combat this as well. Everyone in the U.S. is told to take calcium for osteoporosis but what they are not told is that magnesium is necessary to balance out the calcium. If you just take calcium without magnesium you will likely end up with heart disease! Calcium allows the heart (and all muscles) to contract. Magnesium allows them to relax. For the heart to pump correctly, you need both in the proper balance. Do not take calcium without magnesium!!

This is why people take magnesium for muscle cramps. Magnesium also helps fix high blood pressure and is like a miracle for that purpose. Lack of magnesium causes high blood pressure, hardening of the arteries, heart arrhythmia and more heat problems. My Dad was able to stop taking nitroglycerine when he took magnesium. The heart specialists admitted it should help when he informed them he was already taking it, but they never volunteer that information.

I do not think it is coincidence that heart disease is the #`1 killer of women in the U.S. and women have been told to take calcium as they age but not magnesium.

I have several posts on my health website about magnesium deficiency, why we have it (many reasons), what it causes and what supplements you can take (different forms for different purposes) if you are interested.

I am fascinated to hear Vit K2 can play a role in all this as well! Thanks so much for widening my understanding of this topic!

We learned that magnesium works well for high blood pressure when it lowered my husband's which was dangerously high and my own. It has so many uses. Magnesium is used for more processes in the body than any other nutrient (over 300). Without it you die and with a deficiency you may suffer many different ailments.

I hope you are recovering from everything! We have your drawing up and enjoy it everyday! My husband loves it and tells people about it.


You are so welcome Jessica. Love to hear your hubby loves his caricatures. Send my regards to your hubby too.

Yes magnesium is needed, thank you I am well aware of this nutrient. You are a very informed person young lady. Yes to be uninformed is not an excused.

Yes look into K2 Jessica, unclogging arteries is an awesome cure. For Docs to say you are going to die in 4 years is unacceptable my friend. Look in K2 my dear friend!

Thank you for dropping by!


I don't have clogged arteries myself but I just find all this very interesting since heart disease is one of the most common diseases and people could be preventing it!

I take full-spectrum Vit K (my naturopathic doctor recommended) for my eyes. It is K2 and K3 combined.

Nice. i went to a health food store and bot the cheapest. Can't afford them m4s and m7s K Tablets.

Good for you Jessica, you got a good Doctor.

Thank you!


You might want to check out fennel as well. Great for most of the systems in our body.

Yes, unfortunately I am allergic to it (and detest the taste). Thanks though. I am still curious to try your spices!!!

Thank you for sharing.

You welcome sir!



I have heard of Vitamin K but had no idea that it could help
our bodies this much awesome considering I am headed
for 65 in a couple of years will be doing some research here!

My one aunt did swear by eating cherries (dried kind)
she would eat 8 to 10 of these each day to help with her
arthritis pain said it really helped :)

Thank you so much for sharing,

Susan, this is a SUPER VITAMIN please look into it. You might save someone's life with this info.

Look into it. remember this is a KOAGULANT. Those on kumodin should as Doc if they can do this vitamin.

Just my opinion my dear friend!


Thank you, Frank, for this information!

But one of them is my mother she is 84 and I think it would
help her with the arthritis pains!


Not sure about arthritis but it sure will help her bones.
I think bone strength can handle arthritis anyday, imho!

Goodluck my dear friend. I will pray for your Mom!


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