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I want you to know you're listening to a 65-year old who will be in March of this year '19. Why do I want to share with you this information? Because in the past ohh 5-6 years I had subtle aches and pains and brought this up with my family Doc.We ran test on my problem and low and behold there were traces of arthritis in my neck and elsewhere. One specific area my shoulders. I got off work and went to see a specialist and he had me do a Cat-scan. Not sure that's how it's called but you get the
I will share my story with you and with pictures as proof. No I didn't starve myself, on the contrary I ate till content. Then the funniest thing is I started to lose over a pound a day. No Exercise, what so ever! Yes, nope, nope and OH and nope.Look at the photo below. Yes that's me on Sept. 1, 2018, Saturday. I was hired as a caricature artist for a party at a park near Waikiki Beach. The host snapped these pictures and put it on yelp. Was I honored, ahhh...well, I guess. What stood out i
I wanted to share with you my thoughts on this subject. I am 64 and getting older. Over the years I have "learned," noticed the used the word learn because I thought I knew everything I needed to know about losing weight or should I say get skinny.OHhhhh boy was I wrong. Have you heard of the American Diet? Anybody?It's very simple, this diet recommended by "I don't know who" said to lose weight you need to eat less and exercise more. Simple to understand right. I know us humans till this
I just through reading ShaneWB's wonderful post of his 2018 profit results. Really good read if you have the time go find him and read his blog, just awesome. Which leads me to create this blog. As said on my title of this blog "Paycheck or Profit" now look at the picture above, see the bottle with the coins all filled up, see it? Now imagine that's the paycheck or maybe your social security check you get monthly. That bottle is in a bottle it won't get any bigger. That's your finite income f
I would like to share a sickness the mind has but little have observed. It's called, "ALLNESS!" Now I know most here have not heard of this flaw. I know you're think, you're making this up pal. I understand. No really what does this seven letters mean that I'm making a big deal over. Fair enough! I will share with you why it is!See folks, misunderstandings, fights between people, racism, angers, hatreds are caused by this one reason and that is "Allness." To me the meaning of allness is to th
Hello my dear friends, may I share an observation that applied to me? I bring this subject up because I was watching a YouTube video about a football coach was asked a question, "Are you happy where your team is at?" Coach answered, "It's easy to be satisfied but I feel for the team overall is to strive to get "better and better."Wow! Now that is "brain stimulating" to me folks. Coach is undefeated and to say there are room to improve. What's there to improve you are already there, I say. M
Hi friends, thank you for dropping by I hope that going forward I would like to share an experience, I believe, most people go through. May I be so bold as to say I am guilty of it and to be honest I do it quite frequently even now but not as bad.What is that?I assume a lot. WHAT? Yep, I must come clean. I think I know something but it ain't so. Man, I am so ashamed of myself, but because I'm a "macho-man" I refuse to admit it. My image is so important to me, to get off my high horse is below
Hello my dear friends, I've been here for over a year and I would like to share with you my enlightenment. I call it a "caffeine rush." That's when I saw a different angle if I may about niches. First off what is a niche, well if you're here long enough it means a personal passion of yours that appears to you not work but something you love to do or share, etc. I thought , "Now that's great I love to do this or that, I want to go public and sell my passion to the world."But wait! I sense an
November 12, 2018
I know, this is not a way to win friends and influence people but I just got to get this off my chest and to defend my position. First off, I don't know who you are but I want you to know,"I love you!" Yep, it is true. I like to share with you my growing up experiences I come from a family of 7. Mom and Dad, 3 brothers and a sister. Ages 9, 7, 6 and 5 years older than me, the youngest. Money was tight and my parents struggled to make ends meet. Butthere was one thing I remember Mom and Dad wo
Did you know that nobody, I mean nobody is you! Sorry to break it to you I know you're disgusted. You think people with like minds are like identical twins, share the some experiences, temperment, eat raw fish and rice, some chromosomes, DNA, etc.Nope, not even.You have experiences in life in no way can share it identically with someone else. Down to the molecular structure that your body are built upon that you think is the some. That my friend is a fact! Nobody is like you, nobody! "So what