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Amazon income tax information required before or after?

Amazon income tax information required before or after?

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Getting Started

Can I see if i make a sale before filling in my Tax Information ?

Amazon can be fined if you don't provide your tax information, so expect them to nag you nonstop for that info, regardless of whether you made a sale or not. You're not at any risk submitting the info. That's probably the most secure server they've got!

Yes Douglas, you can wait.

However, they pestered me until I did fill my info out. They simply refuse to pay you at all until you have completed their form.

It's their way of protecting themselves legally.

Hope you find this helpful.

Thank You for the Guidance Trish, Its time for me to apply the tax information so I can keep moving forward. All the best to You.


I'm not sure about that, but it should be ok. However I filled it before just in case.

Have a great day.

Thanks for your feedback Krista. Have a great day.

I seek professional advice
Please reach out if you need help or a hand.
Wishing you well, continued success and a terrific day.

Thank You for getting back to me, Wishing You all the best also.

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Comments are not showing up to respond to?

Comments are not showing up to respond to?

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Email Marketing

My emails says I have comments waiting for approval. when I click on post to view comment, there is no comment to be seen.
Looking for help from Community. Thanks for now.<

Hey Douglas,

You may find the following tutorial helpful: Diane is correct, you need to approve those comments BEFORE they will appear on your website.

If you still cannot view them, then please reach out to SiteSupport as there may be a minor hiccup that they can fix once they have been made aware of this issue.

Hope you find this helpful.

.Thank You so much for the direction given, I will check later.

Hi you need login WordPress sites back office and approve them. However I'd always proofread and make sure they are relevant to my sites niche.

Thanks will be checking that out later today.

Hi - you have to approve the comments before they show up on the actual post. Log in to your website and you should see the comments held in moderation until you approve them.

Okay will be checking out later, thanks

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Amazon sitestrip update product links?

Amazon sitestrip update product links?

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Social Engagement & Marketing

Recently I recieved an email from Amazon. I did not achieve any sales in the 180 day factor. I have reapplyed and been excepted. Do I need to go through my Amazon product lin

Hi - yes, you will have been given a new ID, and your old links won't work. You need to swap them all over.

Thank You for the quick responce on my question. Have a great weekend

I don't think so. If you have the same exact tags as you already did and it's linked to the same Amazon account still then you should be good to go.

Hi - sorry, that's incorrect. Please see my answer to Douglas.

Okay thanks for the quick response, have a great weekend.

Hi yes you do.

Okay I thank you for the quick fast back answer. Have a great weekend.

You're welcome. Enjoy a great weekend too.

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