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Last Update: October 04, 2014

Hi Everyone,

On the day we had the update of Jaaxy and WA Keyword Tools, it seemed like that was the day my Keyword Tool did not work properly. There may not be a connection there, but nevertheless, it happened.

My keyword searches all showed "0" for traffic. Well, I knew that couldn't possibly be correct, because I just searched the day before and it showed that there was traffic. I wondered, "How could it change so drastically overnight"?

I immediately ran to my WA community for help. Everyone else had no problems with the exception of 1, so I new it couldn't be the keyword that I was using. I thought maybe I would give it a rest and check again later. The same thing happened. "0" for traffic. So, I thought I will try again tomorrow.

Tomorrow came and the "0" yet again.

Then, I tried logging in to get my web mail. I thought "This can't be happening too today." I got a message in red: Server responded: -ERR Login failed.

I was going to run to my WA community again, but instead I put in a Support Ticket. Since Support Tickets are only suppose to be for website related stuff, I thought this is website related but wasn't quite sure. All they could do is say that they couldn't help me. Right? I also threw in the fact about the "0s" in the traffic for the Keyword Tool. Thought it couldn't hurt. Right?

I went out to run some errands and lo and behold, when I returned, I had my answer. Thank you Jesus! And thank you Technical Support.

They asked which website it was happening on for login error. I few minutes later I got another email asking me to try it now. I did and Thank you Jesus and thank you Technical Support yet again. Not only was I able to log in to my web mail, but the Keyword Tool was working perfectly. NO MORE ZEROS!

Well I will stop rambling now. This was just an FYI moment about how great Tech Support here is and how great my WA community is.


Rosalyn aka zora2

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cookma54 Premium
Woot! Woot! M
zora2 Premium
Thanks Tanguy for the encouragement. I am now following you and I will check out some of your blogs. Blessings
CarlaIves Premium
Those Tech Support folks rock, Rosalyn! Glad they got it done for you. I knew something had to be wrong. Now you can fly, m'dear!!!
zora2 Premium
Yep. Thanks Carla. I'll see ya in the air. Blessings
ladyj4180 Premium
You handled it great! You had the right answers. Should be proud of yourself!
zora2 Premium
Thanks Judy. I am proud of Wealthy Affiliate. Blessings
Incognito007 Premium
That's great to hear you managed to get everything running perfectly, Rosalyn! :)

Now nothing prevent you to reach your goals and success.
Go for it! :)

Wishing you a great day and lot of success.