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Hello All. Let's Give A Crazy Welcome to a New member in this awesome Wealthy Affiliate Community. Introducing: Thanks in advance, Rosalyn aka zora2
Please welcome a new member to Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks in advance to all. Rosalyn aka zora2
Hi Everyone, On the day we had the update of Jaaxy and WA Keyword Tools, it seemed like that was the day my Keyword Tool did not work properly. There may not be a connection there, but nevertheless, it happened. My keyword searches all showed "0" for traffic. Well, I knew that couldn't possibly be correct, because I just searched the day before and it showed that there was traffic. I wondered, "How could it change so drastically overnight"? I immediately ran to my WA community for help. Everyon
September 27, 2014
Hey Everyone. Just a brief progress report. I just checked on Jaaxy this morning and for one of my keywords I am on page 1 position 8 as of today. I also checked Firefox using the New Private Window and it gives me the same result. I am "Over The Moon" because the last time I checked I was nowhere to be found. Keyword: Riff Ninja Academy. I am finally getting this keyword stuff. Thanks for all of your help. Blessings, Rosalyn aka zora2
September 14, 2014
I know . I know. It has been said that rankings here at Wealthy Affiliate mean little. But it does show that you are active in the WA community whether it is because of blogging, helping or comments. I see people that have started around the same time as I have or some that have started after me have passed me out. I was a little shy about blogging at the beginning and I still only blog when I have something to say. I don't know enough to teach anyone anything but just add a few comments here
I get regular emails from Kim Komando. She has a radio and tv show. You can probably check it out when you go to this link. If you haven't heard about her, she always has some really great tips about computer safety stuff and a whole lot more. I have her send her newsletter just once a week. Everyday can be annoying unless you like that type of thing. You have the option. I figure we have enough here at WA and our websites to keep us more than busy. I am not an affiliate or anything. So I am no
For one of my posts, it looks like I am 12 on Google and 11 on Yahoo. To me this is great. My picture is even on Google. (Thought there was not more authorship) Anyway, when I do a new Private Window Search I can't even find me. So what does that mean? The keyword is my title which is Snark SN2 Guitar Tuner. Can someone tell me what the scoop is? It is very exciting to be 11 or 12 but if I am not actually in that position it is very disappointing.. Thanks all and blessings to you and your busin
August 19, 2014
Hey Community, I have been working hard on my content and have been spending so much time on the computer. I finally have made some progress with learning how to utilize the drop down menu feature, thanks to Kyles video. I have embedded a You Tube video, thanks to Leoemory (lots of input about that in the discussion room the last couple of days) and finally made some progress on Facebook, thanks to a blog by Bothewebguy. With all of this "shtuff" that I and we are learning, I dream about it. Y
July 15, 2014
Hi All. I was partially absent from WA for about 10 days. One of my Aunts, my fathers' sister passed away. We had to travel from Arizona to Mississippi at the last minute. The yearly family reunion was cancelled because it was at the same place at the end of this month. It would have been a choice between one or the other, but it would have been no contest. The awesome thing about it is that she was 99! Yes 99 years young. Although she started failing about 3 years ago, she lived a good and lon
June 22, 2014
Hello All, I am so sorry everyone. On my last blog I was so excited about my 1 month anniversary, the fact that I finally got the nerve to reveal my website and that I got accepted to my 1st Affiliate. These happened all at once and I forgot some of the things that I have learned about here at WA. Sometimes reading and learning are one thing, but remembering to put them into action is a totally different animal. So with that all said, Eddy reminded me that I must give the link to lead people wh