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Last Update: Jul 16, 2014


Hi All.

I was partially absent from WA for about 10 days. One of my Aunts, my fathers' sister passed away. We had to travel from Arizona to Mississippi at the last minute. The yearly family reunion was cancelled because it was at the same place at the end of this month. It would have been a choice between one or the other, but it would have been no contest.

The awesome thing about it is that she was 99! Yes 99 years young. Although she started failing about 3 years ago, she lived a good and long life. Now I believe she is in glory and smiling down on us. What a great lady with a crazy sense of humor and always a good story to tell.

The reason I say "partially absent" is because we were way out in the country with the cows and horses. With only three houses on the road, only one had internet access and low access for cell phone. I was able to get a little work done, but not much.

We had a great time even though it was a funeral. It was not really a sad occasion because she lived such a wonderful life. So it was really a "Home Going" and somewhat of a family reunion.

Aunt Susan will surely be missed.


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You are so right Gordi. Blessings.

I guess we can't ask for much more than a long, useful life.

you said it right now she is with the almighty and will see you again all the best

Amen Maxiam59. thanks

Sorry to hear of your loss,she has certainly had a fullness of life, I am of the belief dead is part of our journey and the day will come when we are reunited with our loved ones

Thanks KatieMac. We are on this earth such a short time when you think about eternity. We will be reunited one day. Blessings.

Thanks rarediva, Thanks for the blessing. Yes. God does provide. God bless you also.

God bless you and your family! I keep saying over and over how amazed I am by the people here and it just keeps becoming more amazing. Not only is everyone so friendly and willing to help, but we also have a place where we can use God's name freely and wish each other his blessings. I researched the avenue that I would take to expand my internet businesses for four months and asked for a lot of God's guidance. I knew when I found WA that I had come to the right place but I could never have imagined how many amazing people one could "meet" in only a few days time. God does provides.
Have an amazing day and God Bless!!

Welcome back sweet lady. Sorry for the loss of your Aunt but heaven is rejoicing and she's not old or sick anymore. God bless you and your family.
P.S. Now get to work!! Hahahaha!!!

Yes. Back to work and thanks for the blessing.

Hey Rosalyn,

I'm sorry to hear about your lost. But Auntie Susan sounds like she led a great life and went home to be with the Lord. So it's definitely more of a celebration of her life.

Thanks Eddy, Quite a celebration it was.

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