Is Your Website Crammed with Banner Ads?

Last Update: July 09, 2018

Is your website sending the right messages? This is something I have been working on lately. I was one of the people with websites crammed with ads and banners that are not even related to my niche.

Can you imagine a website with a farming niche placing ads for Nike trainers? Let me set the record straight, it’s just an example - I'm not impliying this was on my website 😊

Along our journies of making money online, some of us may have come across similar websites. Arguably, the website owner would say it’s tricky to find affiliate programmes that fall under their respective niches.

Fair enough but let’s face it. What are the implications?

When we make it so obvious that our sites are solely built for marketing our products, it masks the whole concept of building our websites to help groups of people out there looking for stuff.

Someone said to me, no matter how good our content is, our visitors will leave our sites if they are crammed with ads.

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firstlearn Premium
If I go to a blog I expect to be able to read about the subject matter and not just see a load of ads. It would certainly have me leaving quickly.

ZEGU Premium
Thanks so much, Derek, for sharing. I appreciate. All the best!
MKearns Premium
I have gotten some on my messaging apps also
ZEGU Premium
That's brilliant, thanks so much, Michael, for sharing.
ThimGraFort Premium
Thank you so much Zegu.
The subject is so important that I think it's a matter of maturing from an amateur to an expert. If all this while I'm still taking all my time to publish my site, it's because I've been avoiding jumping from one subject to the other. It desn't make sense that way.
A niche binds one to stay focused. Not to jump around like a kanguru because we want to earn now!
As Enstinemuki said, doing things that way is mere amateurism.
May God help us!
That you very much for raising this sensitive issue my dearest Zegu.
We shall get to the top someday by divine grace.
May you grow in expertise and in blessings also as a result of the expertise.

Boaz Ethan
ZEGU Premium
Thanks, so much Boaz, I have learned something important here.

Surely, my visitors will not take my site seriously if I have ads all over the place. Instead, I need to stay focused - not to jump around like a kangaroo.
enstinemuki Premium
Hey Zegu,
One of the reasons people think Internet Marketing doesn't work is because they get the wrong ads to the wrong audience.

If your ads an't targeted, they won't convert.

I do get pissed off with sites that get banner ads covering every space. That just looks amateurish
ZEGU Premium
Hello, Enstinemuki, thanks very much for sharing your views.

Learning is indeed a continuous process. I have learned something about having banners that get in the way.
JooKwang Premium
I have to agree with your point of view. For this reason, I made a conscious effort to stay away from Adsense for now.

There were 2 main reasons, my traffic wasn't in the thousands to begin with and there is little potential to monetise anything out of it. Secondly, by focusing on delivering quality focused content to my visitors, a single affiliate sale from a happy visitor would cover the income I can get from those ads. This would be different if your site is attracting millions of visitors and ads income can go up to 1000-2000 per month.
ZEGU Premium
Hello, Jude, thanks so much for sharing your views.

I have also learned something about Adsense. I didn't realise adding them so early without creating enough content can distract visitors.
jvranjes Premium
You do not need millions of visitors to earn 1000 per month from Adsense. A few thousand is enough. This is a steady income generated continuously and effortlessly.
ZEGU Premium
Thanks so much, Jo, that's so encouraging.