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Last Update: June 17, 2018

I write this blog after reading the motivational post, Kyle posted just a few days ago.

We are beginning with month 5 in the super affiliate challenge but I feel like I have been working on my new website for almost a year.

Now that I read the 5'th month is only starting everything gets in relation again.

Because of me working too many hours daily, I think my expectations grew too big. I started getting disappointed by low traffic and no referrals and sales.

Now, I realize I only worked for about six months on the site I see that not all is lost yet lol.

I did have a motivation low, exactly as Kyle mentioned in his post. I started to ask myself what I was doing wrong and also wanted to change my strategy.

I still ask myself why we are not trained in Email and autoresponder strategy and will do this for myself now in the next few days.

Kyles tips for sustaining motivation are right and I already use them all. The latest is that I created a nice working place outside in the garden.

It started getting depressing working inside all the time. I moved to Thailand because of nature and environment and by staying indoors I miss all this part.

I also don't think it is much of a lifestyle change if I have to work on the laptop for 12 hours a day and don't enjoy life at all.

I am a bit in a clinch this year because I decided not to go to Switzerland and earn extra cash. I did that the last two years but this time I was afraid to lose too much time and could be more productive when working on my site.

The problem is, since I made that decision, I haven't had one more referral not to speak of a sale.

I thought things would start improving now but instead, everything got more difficult.

I started writing reviews of different online programs but I must say this is very time-consuming due to learning all about these programs.

I can't do a lousy job or just copy other peoples content without making my own opinion. Most of these programs are very low quality and reviewing them is quite frustrating lol.

Ok, now I took about 10 days off and feel better again. I set some goals too. For this month I have a lot to do.

I'm also behind in publishing posts at the moment but I'll get back in the rhythm again.

I think I have to put less pressure on myself by means of earning money right away. Some solutions will come and things will be alright if I'm not that stressed anymore.

I love to help folks here on WA and today my day started with answering some questions. I also set a goal to write this internal blog and a post for my site before I get going to set up my autoresponder thing.

The learn something new will be the setting up an Email campaign and I want to improve my Pinterest campaign.

A disadvantage I have here in Thailand is with paying and get paid solutions. I can't open a PayPal account here and many services can't be paid by my visa card issued in Thailand.

In a way, I save money but always have to find free solutions. GetResponse for example, I was able to get the free first month and set up almost everything.

I worked several days on Emails, landing page and sign up forms. After a month I found out that I am not able to pay the monthly fee because of some visa card trouble.

I can't pay Facebook nor can I pay for Pinterest automation programs. Not because of lack of money but technical problems.

Anyway, let's look forward. The autoresponder problem is solved for the moment although it was not easy to get accepted by MailerLight. They don't accept affiliate marketing websites and I had to do some convincing there until they now allow me a trial campaign.

A PayPal account I want to see if my wife can open one and let me use the email address to get paid my commissions.

I found a free "paid traffic" program I use, for now, not very interesting traffic so far but at least in google analytics I see some numbers. It's mostly referral traffic but has also made me some 100 direct traffic per day.

We'll see what this brings, It's free and luckily here at WA, I can easily create a new free website with just one promotion on it just to run there.

So, for now, this is enough. Don't give up my friends, it is better to make mistakes than to do nothing.

Things get better all the time if we keep interested and observe carefully how the successful cracks do their job.

Have a great time, see you, Stefan :)

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QAVAVO Premium
Enjoy your success though hurdles are there to overcome
Zappades Premium
I feel much better today, what doesn't kill makes stronger and it's not easy to kill me :)
LeeMcQuay Premium
I have always thought you to be a successful person.
You will get there I am sure of it.

I think you should be proud of what you still put forth, especially with the obstacles you have faced and how you have found ways around them.

Wishing you the best in all you do
Lee Ann
Zappades Premium
Thanks, Lee Ann
I'll do my best and share it with you :)

Have a good week again :)
loweryourtax Premium
Good post - keep moving forward though, it is a long term game. There are free IP masking programs so you can use it to open a paypal account. They ask what IP you want to use and just select an american IP. I have faced some of these problems working from Australia because I have USA citizenship. It's a pain, but can be overcome!!!
Zappades Premium
Hey thanks for this tip, I'll look into it.
I'm not a US citizen though and my only bank account is the Thai bank right now.
Zappades Premium
Hi, I think a lot of us sit in the same boat here :)
shadonna77 Premium
Great post Stefan i can relate to a lot you have said, i am glad i am not the only one looking for signs of success in numbers.
Cheers and have a great day