How To Become A Super Affiliate

Last Update: March 27, 2018

My dear friends, I want to tell a little how it works for me learning how to become a super affiliate here in the super affiliate challenge.

Like all of you, I have started this challenge at the beginning of this year. I did some work in advance due to hoping to be accepted to the group.

The tasks Kyle is asking us to do are really a challenge. I don't want to say I work all the time but I haven't worked this much on my website ever.

First, we need to write 12 posts every month. That would be ok if there weren't all these other tasks to do.

This I think is my second WA blog so far, I should have written 6 already but I did focus on my website first.

A blog, that again means to research a keyword, add pics and try to write at least 1000 words. I take these things all quite serious and don't want to waste time. (not today, I'm tired)

He told us to find 30 keywords on the same day and have them prepared for future posts. I must say I have a problem with that.

I can't find enough ideas for different post topics in a short time like this. I have also found out, that some of the keyword titles I've chosen are not worth a post in the end.

Today I was already out of keywords and researched only one for the next post I want to write. This came quite fast and I think it is a good keyword.

My mind is not capable to find so many unrelated topics in a short time. Maybe if I start writing post ideas down on paper when I have an idea and later search for related keywords it might work.

This month I try to reach the 12 posts and am not bad in time. My 8'th post is in production. I must also say, that my posts are mostly longer than 1000 words. I now have already 15400 words in 7.5 posts.

The next thing I think is a big challenge is the giving comments to five posts every day. I can't do this, it would take me more than an hour to do every day.

I love giving comments and all my posts have at least 10 comments all together but every day five, impossible.

My day has 12 hours max and I have to do so many things here.

My activity in the community like helping takes at least an hour and still are my rankings going down lately.

My doing social network, Google plus sharing and Facebook, Pinterest follows take another hour every day. Now if I have to give comments and reply to the comments I get it is about two hours on a specific day.

I don't know where I lose time. A perfect post from start to publish is normally not finished in one day. This probably comes from having less experience and having to research more than Kyle.

I am still ready for it and the good news of today is that I had my first sale. Hurray.

Kyle sent me a message and now I am told if one sale is possible 1000 are lol. Ok, I am very motivated and want to do my best. Thanks, Kyle.

What else, I should be in chat for half an hour per day, no way. Maybe because of the time difference here to the US, when I open the chat there is not a lot going on.

I am not a chat person either, I hate small talk and won't waste my time saying hello and good night to everyone. Sorry.

Ok, that's it, I hope things get easier with time and traffic rises exponentially lol.

I hope you all have a great day, see you, Stefan.

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marmar463 Premium
Great post I know what you mean. Things get hectic right now my husband is back in school so I help him with homework. I figured how to do this do homework in the daytime and I work at night. There is a lot of things I still don't know how to do. So I am working on that. Congrats on the sale.

Zappades Premium
Hi Mary, I admire people doing this website job plus other work.You have a strong will and a good heart, this will lead to success.
see you, Stefan
marmar463 Premium
Thank you so much for the kind words I really appreciate that very much.

MarvH Premium
Hi Stefan, Great post and I thinks it sums up a lot of my situation also. I got behind for some personal reasons and then couldn't come up with enough keywords. I thought I can't do this.Took a day off.Then decided to watch the videos about content and how to find KW again for the 3rd time. Then the light bulb went off and I was able in 2 hours to set up11 posts in Site Content to work on.
Of course I still have to write them but it gave me the confidence to keep on going. Aiming for Month 2.
Zappades Premium
Great job Marv

we all have our ups and downs. If we don't give up we'll succeed :)
Have a great day, Stefan
ElaineSmith1 Premium
We are here to do Our best which means some are great at writing post, some at live chat, some at this task but I don't think there is anyone who is great at everything Kyle is asking. I know I'm not. Live chat just isn't for me, I type slow. By the time I get the answer typed out they are two questions on so I really can't help there. I get more frustrated than help. Now with email platform I'm great. I love it. But that is me, others may not. So don't worry.

Tried and true

Zappades Premium
Hi Elaine, you are totally right.
Nobody is perfect. If one is great at something he has to work harder at other things, that's life :)
All the best to you too, see you, Stefan
CalvinC Premium
Super post, I somehow feel the same way as you.

But I guess what matter with SWAG is not doing all the tasks in the time Kyle gave us. It's a good way for us to learn to manage our time in the near future.

For the moment we only know what we need to do, but everybody life is different, so we have to make our own schedule depending on our everyday life.

I like the way Kyle teaches us to write contents, it really works well for me, but for a lot of peoples, it can be different. My approach to this program and finding subjects is pretty simple, I just write about what I need to learn as a beginner. When I start to write contents, some other ideas pop up when I do my researches or when I'm writing.

I don't think next month focus will be on writing contents anymore, we will have 22 posts, to be sincere I wrote good posts, but it has many problems I think, far from perfect, but the ideas are here. When I finished writing them, I will get back to them, make all the corrections one by one and adding images, make my website more beautiful.

I guess next month tasks will be more about that, make our posts more attractive and interesting to read with proper SEO and probably start doing some email marketing.

One question aside from your post, are you in Cambodia?

Good Luck to everybody.
Zappades Premium
Hi Calvin, thanks for this great comment.

No, I am in Thailand. And you?

I think Kyle will keep wanting us writing a lot of content so I try to publish finished articles only.

To find the time to fix them or better them is something I have to steal from other tasks.

I should add some internal links to newer posts to the older ones.

For the posts themselves, I have found a style that I want to keep for the moment.

It takes time to also create two pics with Canva for every post :)

All the best to you, see you, Stefan
TomMarchido Premium
Hey Stefan,

I appreciate your honesty and candidness. I think you're doing good, and like all of us, we're still finding our way around this awesome business.

If you keep up the work you're doing, there's no doubt your business will take off and you'll be able to sustain your success. I see you building your foundation regardless if you're not chatting or commenting as much as others do.

Keep up the good work. Things will only get better!

Zappades Premium
Hi Tom, thanks for the motivating words.

I hope you're doing well too and wish you all the best.
See you, Stefan :)