Re Purpose and Modify Our Template - Is it OK to do?

Last Update: March 24, 2018

Being part of the Super Affiliate group, has meant working hard to achieve our goals for each month.
Tasks were set.

So we have to write 12 articles, get at least 15 comments on existing posts plus a whole lot of other tasks.

I look at these tasks as 'templates'.

If you're anything like me, having a ready made template, makes me want to use it and build upon it, rather than having to start with a blank canvas.

For example, you're building your email marketing campaign and you get a ready-made, out of the box template, do you stick with that or do you modify it and repurpose it to your liking?

I think I know the answer.

My analogy of this is with the set tasks, do we write 12 articles or aim higher (or lower) by modifying the template.

It's always best to aim higher as we will achieve all that has been set plus more and this can only be a good thing.

However, it isn't always possible to repurpose or modify our templates due to restrictions. This happens too because of limited resources and tools that you may not have access to.

Time is one of those factors. Circumstances beyond your control is another.

Do you give up? No!

Modify the template to your liking and continue.

Are you modifying the template?

(Yes, we're not robots!)

I'd love to know.

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fondevilla Premium
Its been a while Jackie. Its nice to see a blogpost from you. You put it well. We are not the programmed robots that work strictly within the confines of externally given instructionsinstructions. Fixed success per given time will not permit our growth. We are to stretch our wings and fly to even greater horizons. Its a good thing to set goals, especially with a group, but the most important thing is to understand the intent-TO ENCOURAGE HARD WORK. Whatever extent you go, as long as you don't violet the sacredness of this intent, it remains okay. Thank you for sharing with us these thoughts. I wish you optimal success with WA.
JackieSmith Premium
Hey Ssemanda,
Nice seeing you.
I used to work like that. Set me a task and I'll do it and be satisfied.
However, since being online, I realise how important it is to go over and above what you are capable of and not to be 'satisfied'.
It's amazing what can be achieved when you change not only your mindset but the way you work.

Wishing you continued success with your online journey.

I'll be popping over to your site soon to see what's new.
Best wishes.
fondevilla Premium
That's sweet of you Jackie. Success to you as well
marmar463 Premium
Great post I enjoyed reading it. I believe in using a template because then it is all laid out for you to follow. And no mistakes can be made. You can still use your ideas with a template and what I means is you have to fill in the blanks of a template and those are your ideas. WA uses templates for somethings and they are great because I have to fill in the blanks with my ideas. So I think templates are the way to go. Best wishes in your business endeavors with WA.

JackieSmith Premium
I love working with templates. You not only get a head start but it triggers off other ideas.

Wishing you all the best Mary.
ElaineSmith1 Premium
I always now set up my articles before hand but I never thought of creating templates for them. That would make it much easier since it's usually the same.

Tried and true

JackieSmith Premium
So true Elaine.

Wishing you all the best.
It's never too late to start something.
cramervod Premium
This is confusing "template" for a to-do list? I think what Kyle intends for everyone to learn is how to set and plan by working on a tight schedule.

Not that you can't write more articles, you should try to aim higher if you are able to get everything done with time left over.
JackieSmith Premium
I see where the confusion is Eric.

I'm personally looking at each individual task as a template.
So writing 12 articles is a template. I can write 6 or 13 by adjusting the 'template'.

cramervod Premium
Ah, when I hear template I think of an outline. Or a list of things you should consider when doing a task. For an image template simply drag, drop and remove what you want.
JackieSmith Premium
That's fine Eric.
It happens to the best of us.

That's why I put the word 'templates' in quotes not to confuse anyone and I added that it was an analogy.

Hope you're no longer confused.

Your response, however, has made me think about how I go forward writing my posts so that they cannot be misunderstood, so everything for a reason.

Wishing you success with your online business.

Steven-A Premium
I'm using Elementor to create my page design that way I want it to be.
JackieSmith Premium
I've played around with Elementor. It's a great tool.

Wishing you success Steven.
Steven-A Premium
thank you. much success to you as well