January, 3 - Trivia

Last Update: January 02, 2016

Apple and ...

On January 3, 1977 Apple Inc was born out of Apple Computer Inc. after 8 months. It had become too big to stay in it's jurisdictional form in a safe financial way.

This was not the first day of Apple, the people behind Apple had run a long track:

Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne were the founders of this company. It took them two years to develope and sell their first computer.

You may even click on their names to find more info about them on Wikipedia

Would you buy an Apple I these days? It has been developed over the years to something more sofisticated:

And this is only the desktop version. Other variations are available to everyone who is willing to spend a small fortune.


At WA we are facing the same challenge. Turning our ideas into hard sales. When three talented guys need two years to develope their product into a high quality product, we don't have to be surprised that our endeavours need their time as well to become a top of the bill result.

In the years to come, we may expand our business also to a very lucrative business, it only takes time, guts and perseverance.

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jmutisy5 Premium
Wonderful thinking
iainclarke Premium
Great analogy Yonath. Stick with it and success will come.
AlexEvans Premium
Hi Tony that certainly puts things into Perspective. Thank you for sharing your insights.
mama2karsten Premium
You are so right. Thanks for sharing. I absolutely believed in their vision and perceived quality of their products. I have several apple devices… 2 workhorse G-5s for video, animation and sound. 2 macbook pros and one ipad. I have run the g-5s since 2009. they have been very reliable, no down time (so far) I use them for video editing and production, which eats alot of ram and disc space. They were expensive the way I ordered them, but well worth the investment as they are still running great today and get heavy use.
kennick2015 Premium
Patience, commitment, focus and one step at a time Yonah.
Loes Premium
So right Yonah and Ken