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January 5th 2016 – Tevet 24th 5776In the US it is National Bird Day – not to be confused with Birth Day. On the web you can find more info on ; a spin off from Birds as well as other animals fall all pray to homo sapiens sapiens. Man is the greatest danger to worlds wildlife. In his quest to obtain a ‘better’ living, he will destroy everything that comes in it’s way.Many species are already exting
January 04, 2016
A sunset over Israel yesterday eve.look at the sunrays, starting from one point and dispersing in the sky.Let your business ray into the world.Starting from your point of view to help others see the light and warmth of your heart.
Braille …The birthday of Louis Braille, the inventor of the writing for visual disabled people.He became blind at the age of three, by putting a knitting pen into his eye (warning for young moms and their offspring). Because of an infection his second eye lost sight aswell.The idea of reading without light was not new however, an officer in the French army had developed a system with twelve dots, so the officers could “read” or decode messages in the dark.At the age of 15 he
January 02, 2016
Apple and ... On January 3, 1977 Apple Inc was born out of Apple Computer Inc. after 8 months. It had become too big to stay in it's jurisdictional form in a safe financial way.This was not the first day of Apple, the people behind Apple had run a long track:Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne were the founders of this company. It took them two years to develope and sell their first computer.You may even click on their names to find more info about them on WikipediaWould you buy an Apple
January 02, 2016
Annie, the Musical ...In 1985 it has been the final performance of the musical Annie on Broadway on this day, it has been on stage for 2377 times.The citations on the poster says it all, a positive attitude influences your surroundings.No matter in which difficult times we are living it is always possible to bring happiness in the world. Over 2000 performances proves that people have a desire to hear the good news.... and WAWe as members of the WA community, may share our positive thougths and
December 19, 2015
A short view on Belgium on
December 14, 2015
Some of us know the story of the prophet Yonah, Jonah is a derived version of it, the meaning of it is dove.It is a Hebrew name, Coming from one of the books of the Tanakh, It tells the story of this person, The Hebrew word is read from right to left, displaying only four letters: Yod, Vav, Nun, Hey. Although the Hebrew language does not use vowels, the Vav with the little point on top of it takes the sound of an "O".One can ask why there is no A written in it, as mentioned above the basic Hebr
November 30, 2015
Weather and workRain, all day long. A perfect day to work inside. No excuses to use to flee the working area of the cyber world. Then again the weather does not motivate me to work hard, the Rain on the window distractis me in advancing with my research and writing content for my website.How to be productive then? Time to read Some blogs of other WA members. Your positive remarks motivate me to continue in one way or another. Today may not be a creative day for me; this day may be used however
November 10, 2015
Slowly but steady I'm continuing on my site, 6 out of 22 letters of the hebrew alphabet have been put in. Research takes time, and sometimes i wonder off, looking for more insight for myself.While putting the site together, I learn as well, and will become in time an expert on the Hebrew language.You are all invited to travel with me in the exploring voyage of the hebrew language at
October 20, 2015
The fourth letter of the alphabeth added to my site:…ebrew-alphabet Discover just a little bit more