I'm BACK! And More Motivated Than Ever!


As some of you may know I've been very active in WA the first few months that I was here when I started in March, 2016 and it showed.

  • Finished the Certification Course and created my niche site (EarthquakeKitGuide.com)
  • Partially finished the Affiliate Bootcamp and created my affiliate site (FreedomHomeIncome.com)
  • Skyrocketed to Rank 56 within 4 months
  • Created my first training
  • Made some Amazon Affiliate sales.
  • Earned some Google Adsense revenue
  • Reached over 2000 Twitter Followers
  • Over 6000 WA Followers
  • Helped others by answering questions and giving tips

But then it suddenly hit me... BED BUGS!

The Nightmare Begins

I've never experienced them before so I didn't know what to expect. First it started out with one bite. I didn't think much of it but then the bites became more frequent and I was getting multiple bites per day! The bites are SUPER itchy and annoying and it even made me feel anxious at night. Weird thing was they were only biting me and my wife was spotless (I must have some delicious blood haha!)

Anyway I had to do something. It was getting out of control and even putting stress on my marriage as stress levels were high and we both started arguing over the slightest things. We tried some techniques and it sort of worked but they always came back. Just when we thought we got rid of them they came back. It was extremely frustrating.

I know the best way to deal with them is to hire a professional but when I called for estimates it ranged from the several hundreds to the thousands and that just isn't in our budget right now. I had to take matters in my own hands and research. Because of that I decided to take a couple months off from WA and my sites until I made sure the bed bugs were gone. My rank dropped significantly from 56 to 188, my sites weren't getting any engagement and traffic was low.

Motivation is Hard to Maintain

Even before the bed bug issue my motivation was dropping and I wasn't updating my sites as often because I wasn't seeing the results I wanted or hoped for. This was a bad sign. Keeping your motivation up on a daily basis is probably the hardest thing to do and once you lose it it's hard to recover.

I haven't done anything for a couple months but I decided to check my Amazon Associates account because I heard that if you don't get sales for a while then they close your account so I was worried. To my surprise I actually made some sales! And this was with me doing absolutely nothing at all during the few months I took off. AMAZING! That sure pumped up my motivation again!

This PROVED to me that this works! I mainly use Twitter as my preferred social media and use apps that regularly repost tweets throughout the day and it looks like that's what's doing the trick. My pages aren't ranked high in search engines and I barely get any organic search traffic so they must be coming from Twitter. My followers grew to over 3000 now and although the growth rate has slowed down hopefully it'll continue to grow. If you want to learn more about Twitter and what I did, feel free to check out my training on my profile.

Even though I wasn't active in WA I still did log in to see what everyone was up to and continued to add all the new and excited members of WA. My WA followers have grown to over 10,000 now and I appreciate it. Now that I've been given more proof that this works I'm more excited than ever!

Battling Bed Bugs

My nightmare experience with bed bugs isn't over. Although I think I'm winning the battle I still get bites from time to time so I still have to keep up with that so I won't be able to dedicate 100% of my time for my sites. But because of this experience a new opportunity has come. I decided that I should share my knowledge and what I learned along this journey so I can help others with eliminating bed bugs so they can get back to their normal lives. So, I spend the past couple of days creating a brand new website targeted toward killing bed bugs called BattleBedBugs.com

I really hope people will find the information helpful as dealing with bed bugs was one of the worst experiences in my life!

The template I used was free and super easy to use and customize. I'll be writing a blog post on it in the next few days so look out for it.

WA Rocks!

Anyway, moral of the story is that the things taught here at WA REALLY works. I let my sites be stagnant for a few months and thought nothing would happen but I actually earned some money! Even if you don't succeed right away and don't see the results you wanted, keep at it because you'll get there eventually. Even when there are problems in your life, you learn from them and that experience can even bring up new opportunities.

Staying motivated is hard so celebrate every small victory to keep you going. Celebrate an increase in traffic. Celebrate a new follower. And definitely celebrate when you made some money! I remember I was EXTREMELY happy when I made my first $0.08 from Google Adsense and I even blogged about it. Share your happiness with others and their comments will motivate you even more.

The community here at WA is second to none and really is amazing. I still have A LOT to learn and haven't even touched a lot of marketing techniques yet but I'm glad we have so many knowledgeable people here with different backgrounds who are more than happy to help. The training provided here is awesome too!

I'm EXCITED to be back and YOU should be EXCITED being here!

Keep working hard and stay motivated!

Wish you all success!


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Welcome Back!

Hope the bed bugs are out of your life now!

Yeah, I think there are some left as I still get bites once in awhile but sure is better than getting multiple bites per day. Slowly winning the battle

Glad you're back! Bedbugs are the worst.

Yeah they definitely are. Hope I never have to experience them again!

Good to see you back ! Thanks !


Thanks Pat! Excited to be back!

I know what you went through, had such an experience before and trust me it was very annoying. But nice to see you back to work.

Very annoying indeed. Just hope they never come back!

Great to have you back, I have had to kill a few bed bugs over the years so I know what that is like and I will check out your site. Thanks for the good news.

Yeah it was one of the worst experiences in my life. I just hope they never come back!

Well done.

Thanks Jude! Feels good to be back!


It is very nice to see you here again Andy!
I hope the bedbugs never come back again.

Keep the hard work man, you're incredible!

Thanks Giancarlos!
Feels good to be back and looks like you're making some real good progress! Your site looks AWESOME and I see you've been adding more content. I guess it's paying off because you mentioned that you were ranked on page 1 of one of your keywords. Congrats and keep up the good work!

Good to see you back Andy!

Thanks Dale! Feels good to be back and get such a warm welcome =)

Great to see you back Andy, and if you can beat those buggers, you can beat anything :)!

Thanks Loes! The battle's not completely over but I'm getting there!

I love both of your websites!!!!

Thanks a lot! Just made a third website these past few days because of the bed bug issue. I hope to be able to help others with this information

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