Ultimate Guide on How to Use Twitter
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Training by yakitori
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Description Do you have a Twitter account? You should! It's a great resource to give your website traffic without having to rely on search engines. Getting followers is easy and I'll show you how to do just that. It's not just website clicks that Twitter gives you. it is a social network and gives you valuable personal connections that can be even more important than website clicks. They may help refer you or even advertise for you through their media outlets. You can find guest bloggers who can help with content. A supplier who will give you better discounts. The potential is unlimited!

In this course I'll show you how to get started with Twitter and work your way up to advanced techniques on how to grow your online presence. I've added in some personal tips and tricks to help you grow even faster and help you connect with others.

Remember to write a review once you're done so I know if this course helped you out or whether there's things I can add or improve upon.
Course Benefits & Learning Outcomes
Learn how to get started with Twitter
Learn how to setup your profile
Learn Twitter lingo and guidelines
Learn how to tweet effectively
Learn about Twitter lists
Learn about Twitter keyboard shortcuts
Learn how to search effectively on Twitter
Learn how to build your network
Learn about Twitter Ads
Learn about Twitter Analytics
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Jim-Bo rated this Course 10/10
A very thorough overview and tutorial on How to use Twitter to benefit your online business. Well thought out, organized and simplified for anyone to understand!
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T1967 rated this Course 10/10
AWSOME training and thank you very much for everything.....everyone should give this a look :-))
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JVanDerLaan rated this Course 10/10
This an awesome course for learning the ropes with Twitter. The course covered everything in detail along with links to some great resources that I am currently using to boost my Twitter interaction.

Thanks Yakitori, you obviously put a ton of time and effort into this training.

I highly recommend checking this out!

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EvieSmith rated this Course 10/10
It's a great bit of training and covers Twitter in really good depth. growing your followers was some very useful info and I have signed up to Cloudfire since to try it out. I didn't even know the stuff about Twitter analytics and I have been using Twitter for a few years. Definitely going to try this stuff out,
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