Always Invest in Yourself First

Last Update: September 12, 2014

I would like to share with you all a very purposeful and serendipidous meeting I had with a lady (familiar to me) at a local coffee shop over ten years ago.

I was sitting at my usual table madly pounding out e-mails on my phone ( i was a sales-rep at the time). I sensed someone watching me and i looked up to see a lovely lady in her sixties was watching me. I smiled at her and she politely asked "May i ask what you are writing about? Are you a writer?"

I chuckled to myself....I wish! " I am a sales rep and i an writing sales training for my sales team."

She smiled and asked "May i join you? I am very curious about you."

I am, of course, amused by the attention. I engage willingly with her....thankfully!

"Yes, of course, please sit down. I am Amanda...and you are?"

She sat down with her tray; tea pot and cup with a creamer on the side and a honey cruller. ..everyday!

"Agnus...I have lived here my whole life. I have seen you all over town and have always been curious about you. You smile at everyone and make people happy. You seem like a genuinely happy person and i would like to know you!"


Agnus was our town's one and only meter maid for over forty years. She was part of the RCMP Auxillary team and had a wealth of friends and family in our quaint community.

People liked to know her..they sought her out. They looked forward to her happy greetings and she was highly respected at all levels of society.

She was very classy and disciplined. She was a very supportive mother to four great members of society. She was the only female employee for the first twenty years of her career. She was liberated and rebellious in only the best ways.

So when she said she was curious about me...wanted to know me...I was say the least.

We had a couple of generation gaps between us, but, we were immediate friends. Always laughing and making new friends together.

Well, that was ten years ago now and Aggie became my greatest mentor, best friend and second mother.

She was proud of me for having a great career and a happy family and I shared every chapter of my life with her since. She is the one that named me "Sunshiny Smiles" and I am proud to be her freind!

Well, my WA friends, I have lost my Aggie!

She passed away last month after a brief battle with ALS ( no this is not a challenge). Please stay with me, the gift is coming.

I went to visit her husband the other day to see how he was holding up and was astounded at what happened during our visit.

He was doing great...despite his own health concerns he was in great spirits. He was very happy to see me and welcomed a little chat about 'Ags'.

He was relieved that she didn't suffer for very long. He was thankful that he was able to be there for her because it would have been very scary for her without him. After 58 years of marriage he protected her pride and her fears as her memories jumbled and faded all together.

So hence, I was relieved too....and I was thankful she was loved so well!

He knew it could have gone on for years and was grateful that she didn't have to live with the fear and shame that ALS brings with it.

He pepped up " She has left you a gift...a book. I will go get it."

I chuckled because she was always giving me inspirational books....I would say half my book shelves were filled by Aggie.

"Here you is a small one with a big message, dear."

Wrapped in a satin bow...I untied it and looked...

"THE RICHEST MAN IN BABYLON" by George S Clawson (1926)

My heart skipped a beat....I knew the book well because we had discussed it and referred to it often in our long inspiring talks together. I opened the front page to see what she had written to me...


Wow....I had to sit down. She knew I had been struggling with whether to return to work or stay with my studies here at WA and build my own business..."and enjoy those the mom they deserve."

*****I hear you loud and clear my dear friend!*****

She always promoted independence! Show your strength...not your weakness! Believe in yourself and be your own person....its special to be unique!

So my WA friends if haven't read it, The Richest Man in Babylon is a short, sweet and a very successful message that has travelled through the generations. The message still resonates with anyone in any age bracket.

"Pay yourself first." Save 10 percent, donate. .etc.

Well, that message has evolved for me now. ...

"Invest in Yourself First!"

You are your only hold your own are your greatest asset!

I thank Aggie for keeping me on my path, showing me the power of love and respect for myself and encouraging me to be all i can be. Be willing to invest in me.

So I pledge to you all at Wealthy Affiliate and all of you out there looking for a venue to invest in membership here is my investment into myself.

Invest in your health...invest in your creativity....and always invest in yourself first....then you are capable of truly uplifting and inspiring others.

Sunshiny smiles


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hildacbg Premium
I love the way you narrate this personal story Amanda. You really caught my attention. It is a really moving account of your relationship with Agnus. I am glad she did not suffer too much. By looking at your picture I understand why she called you Sunshiny Smiles. That book must be a treasure for you now. Blessings!
wootten Premium
Thankyou glad you enjoyed it. She is a candle in the storm for me that will burn forever.
Sunshiny smiles
hildacbg Premium
We all need candles in the storm that can light our lives and give us guidance when we most need it. Have a blessed day.
SaltyG Premium
Well written Wooten. Indeed it is an inspiring piece. Good enough to be shared and this is what I will try doing. I tend to say myself, one should always try to create Value.
wootten Premium
Thank you SaltyG. glad you enjoyed it. I love to read stories with personal value, it allows the writer to really connect with their audience. Best wishes in your own creative adventures...glad i could inspire you...sunshiny smiles
shevwill Premium
Wow!!! What an inspirational story. I'm almost in tears. Thanks you soooo much for sharing.
wootten Premium
Hah....many tears spilt in the writing of it too. Glad you enjoyed it...sunshiny smiles shevwill.
CarlaIves Premium
Thanks for that beautiful story, Amanda! I'm sorry you lost your Ags but she will be with you forever and ever.
wootten Premium
Yes...she hss msde a huge impact on my life and choices...forever grateful...sunshiny smiles Carlalves.
Debbi26 Premium Plus
I read that book MANY MANY moons ago! I'm glad you had such a great mentor.
wootten Premium
Me too....its one of those books you can benefit from over and over. Sunshiny smiles