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Hey guys, my name is Amanda. I'm a fun loving Aussie and currently running my own gym. I've always dabbled in business and had a number of different businesses in different industries (events, network marketing (ugh!), importing, and snowboarding) and have found my true passion is in the fitness industry.

I really love that I've found a platform where I can help people overcome their excuses, doubts and lack of self-belief. My running joke with my members/clients is "30mins with me and I can find out what your number one excuse you give yourself is - and then we can smash through it". I find whatever you tend to tell yourself when it's hard training is also what you tell yourself when life/relationships/work gets hard. If we can break through that training - the world is your oyster!! It's very empowering and I'm very grateful and privileged to be able to help people be better versions of themselves =)

I have realised however that I’m stuck because how I currently operate I can only help people in my location. I love the idea of being able to create a successful online business which will be able to help people make real changes, cut through the crap that’s out there AND at the same time help me achieve my financial and lifestyle goals too.

I'm overwhelmed at the amount of support I have seen to date through WA and look forward to reading your stories, listening to your advice and interacting with you guys on the journey!

Here's to all of our ongoing success!! =)
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AlexEvans Premium
Hi Amanda, Welcome to wealthy affiliate and congratulations on going premium. It is a wonderful opportunity to create an online presence in a really supportive environment. Best wishes for your journey.
Woollster Premium
Thanks Alexander. I agree with the supportive enviroment. I've been blown away with how many people reached out to say hi and welcome!
Loving the support and the enviroment!
Thank you for takign the time out to say hi! :)
AriefWibowo Premium
Welcome to the premium!
You are going to love your stay here.
Woollster Premium
Hey ArieWibowo - so far so good ;)
The community has such a great vibe, nice to be a part of eachothers success!
Thank you for the welcome :)
caisaki Premium
WELCOME TO Wealthy Affiliate Premium! :)

You've made a great decision and this is going to really change your life if you work hard to achieving your goals!

Just remember not to rush anything, as this creates confusion, and don't forget to enjoy the process.

Hit me up if you need anything, I'll be glad to help any way I can. :D


Woollster Premium
Hey Pearl,

Thank you for reaching out and saying hi.... AND your wise words! I've taken a couple of days to start to learn and absorb what I'm learning (and I'm still here haha!)

The simplicity of it can sometimes seem so overwhelming so appreciate the advice!

Have an awesome day adn thanks again for the offer to help :)
Keza Premium
Hi Amanda and welcome to WA, all the best with your new venture, cheers Kerry
Woollster Premium
Hey Kerry,
Thank you for the warm welcome - it's really nice of you to take the time out to say hi. I look forward to having a look around and seeing what great success others have had.
Cheers :)
Familyman82 Premium
Amanda let me be the first to commend you on your choice of joining Wealthy Affiliate. I know that this can and will work for you if you just simply follow the directions that are laid out for you in the training here at WA.

Also Amanda don't forget to finish creating your profile because it will increase your chances of experienced marketers and other members reaching out to assist you in learning how to make money online.

As of now your special member bonus has been activated and you will have seven days from now to cash in on this 59% discount for your first month here at WA.

That only leaves you paying 19 bucks.

If you would like to get started right away than I would suggest you start off with this training: Good luck in your training I'm sure that you will love it.

If you ever get stuck or need a question answered don't forget to use the live chat area where you will get real time responses from this wonderful community of experts.

If you need me personally and can not find me in live chat go to my website and leave me a comment there and I will get back in touch with you ASAP.

Until next time......
Woollster Premium
Hey Mrsrjj8687,

BOOM that was quick ;)
Thanks for the welcome and the advice! It can seem really overwhelming and there is just so much information. Easy to get lost so i'm keeping it back to basics.
Having your support and all of the other features is such a great help!

Thanks againf or takign the time to reach out and say hi. It's appreciated! Have an awesome day :)