Why I'm having problems with Indexing now?

Last Update: May 01, 2019

I've had no problem getting indexing until the new google inspection tool.

Some of my post had been indexed in the past according to my email. However, as I check the Url of my post into google inspection tool, it says url can't be indexed. Why am I receiving these errors?

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Jenna11 Premium
The error can be that clickable buttons are too close to each other and hard on mobile devices. I had it recently.

Then you need to extend the space between, refresh your post and try again.
So check the error report, W so you can solve it.

Hope this helps.
Aloha, Jenna
mbouteiller Premium
Hey W,

Have you looked at Jay's webinars? Hope this helps.

Oh sorry... I had to go back and read your post again...

Regarding the error, maybe ask SiteSupport... take a screenshot and send it to them.

wmac Premium
Ok Monica. Yeah I contacted site support but haven’t seen any solutions yet.
lesabre Premium
I kind of would do the same things chief has suggested. Should work out. All the best
wmac Premium
Ok I will. Thanks so much.
Pastordna Premium
I believe some help will soon come to you from capable hands here in WA.
Mean while take it cool.
Linda103 Premium
No idea sorry but hoping someone knows to help you.
wmac Premium
The report states no errors but issues with url